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Oct 1, 2010 10:10 AM

Deep fried snickers bar.

I love snickers. Room temperature, frozen, cold and really any way.
However, deep fried snickers bar..... I can't believe this exists.
Does anyone know any place that actually serves this? I've seen it served in vegas but never here.
Would you try it if a place that served it opened?
If it really interests you: Heres how to make it:
What do you think about deep fried snickers? Gross? Fattening? Disgusting? or DELICIOUS?

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  1. The newly opened Brit and Chips does a deep fried whatever as their dessert - on the day I visited it was a deep fried snickers.

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    1. re: unlaced

      Same here. They rotate the deep-fried desserts so call first to find out what it'll be before you go.

      My tablemates enjoyed it, but I was too full to try it.

      1. re: kpzoo

        Thanks guys, I just contacted the place and told them to email me when they have that as their item of the day!
        I love this community, find a way to tame all my wierd food cravings.

    2. Me find it gross, fattening and disgusting.

      I think "Garde Manger" does that.


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      1. re: Maximilien

        Garde Manger does a deep fried Mars bar and while it does sound "gross, fattening, and disgusting", it actually tastes pretty great.

        1. re: eat2much

          It must be the peanuts or something but i prefer snickers :P

          1. re: eat2much

            I don't get it.... I wouldn't pay more then a 1$ for something that has no effort, no originality and is actually worse for my health then the original truly is!

            1. re: SourberryLily

              beer batter, cheap fried chocolate topped with powdered sugar? this is a drunk/stoner/uni student delight.

              EDIT: but I get it why normal people wouldn't like it lol

              1. re: vanierstudent

                Haha well i was a uni student not so long ago... but even i didn't have cravings THAT bizarre.

                Then again, i frequent chowhound. Not sure that is very uni. student-like~

                1. re: vanierstudent

                  Happen to be a current Vanier Student myself, vanierstudent :P
                  Yeah your right, but it looks sooooooo good...