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Oct 1, 2010 09:56 AM

Congee in Amsterdam?

Help, I just moved to Amsterdam, newly pregnant with bad morning sickness and averse to almost all foods but badly craving congee like I used to get back home in New York's Chinatown. Does anyone know which restaurants in Amsterdam's Chinatown, if any, serve good congee?

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  1. I haven't had congee here, but you might try Oriental City which does dim sum, so congee seems like a possibility. Given the tiny size of Chinatown here, I think you're pretty well guaranteed to be disappointed by the quality, but it might be enough to satisfy your craving.

    1. Nam Tin

      says they have something called 'Chinese rijstepap' (Chinese Porridge) on their menu, this might be it.. can't say anything about the quality though!

      1. Golden Chopsticks on Oude Doelenstraat 1 (behind Dam Square) is an authentic Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam that serves congee. You will find the congee listed on the last page on the menu in Chinese, but the wait staff are happy to provide linguistic assistance if you need it.

        I hope the pregnancy goes smoothly.