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Oct 1, 2010 09:55 AM

Trying to grow habaneros!

Why wont my habanero plants produce any peppers? They produce plenty of flowers, but instead of turning into peppers they just fall off. I was under the impression that they were self-pollenating so that shouldn't be the problem. The plants are doing well since I planted them in April, and the Anahiems growing right next to them have peppers out the whazoo.
What am I doing wrong?

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  1. Where did you plant your habaneros? mine are on the ground ( huge plant and lots of flowers) and in pots ( also huge ) and they are growing like crazy. Are they getting enough sun? is it your first time growing habaneros?

    1. I find that my habernos produce more slowly than other peppers. They're also covered with flowers (some drop off, but others are just slowly producing) but hardly any real pepper production yet. The bhut jolokias are also putting out lots of leaves, but no peppers yet (and I'm in So. Cal., so they've been planted a long time already).

      1. In my experience, they take an extraordinarly long time to grow. Once they grow, they take an equally long time to color. A nice cold spell will speed the process.

        The only reason I bother is that homegrown habaneros are melt-your-face spicy.

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          Reading this put me at ease ... I am growing them for the first time, and I felt as if I got a bad batch. It is good to hear this

        2. Checked mine carefully today, and there are tiny peppers beginning. Finally!

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          1. re: pine time

            I'm soo happy to report that mine have tiny peppers too!!!! Habanero time!!

            1. re: lilymex

              "Harvested" my first baby habanero peppers yesterday--super hot and delicious. Time to buy more latex gloves for prepping!

              1. re: pine time

                I saw my first Bhut Jolokia pepper is tiny but is finally coming out!!! Congrats pine time on your habanero harvest. I still have a pepper plant without any flowers and just huge green leaves that look like nothing I've ever grown!

                1. re: lilymex

                  I wanted to grow Bhut Jolokia so bad this year. Unforntuatley I could not get any plants within a reasonable trip.. Hopefully, I get replenished by my other local growers ... The heat from those pepers are unlike anything in this world!!!

                  1. re: Augie6

                    I got my two beautiful healthy plants, frozen peppers and an out of this world jolokia home made sauce from a great Toronto gardener. Thanks a million Ravi

                    1. re: lilymex

                      My habs are producing like crazy, and now there are tons of flowers on the bhuts. Planning on some crazy-hot chutney. Other recipe ideas for the bhuts? (I can't take that degree of heat, but Indian hubby can.)

                      1. re: pine time

                        I made a peach / hot sauce with them for wings and I LOVED IT. Sorry I have no specific measurements.

                        Bhuts ( i used only one small , for about 2.5 cups of sauce)

                        I cooked wings about half way , , coated in sauce.. cook till done and sauced again.... just using a bhut about 2inches 90% of people could not eat them

                        1. re: Augie6

                          Great--thanks. I make bunches of hot sauces and/or chutneys, so I can guesstimate the amounts.

          2. I'd like to grow habanero's too but can't find any seed or habanero's in my area (Toronto Canada). Any idea's?

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            1. re: Spicelove

              I bought pepper seeds from Park Seeds in South Carolina this year. They have a fine selection and great service. The habeneros propagated well, but the long narrow sweet Atris was a fail, and Park replaced the seed.
              My March house temperature was a bit low, and peppers demand 75-80 F for sprouting.
              You could try a rush order of seed from them and maybe with container planting get a late crop.

              1. re: Spicelove

                Just found chili plants (about 1.5 inches high) at Kensington Market this weekend, at one of the grocery stores there. Had Habaneros and many other varieities.

                1. re: Spicelove

                  We got ours from Walmart here in Winnipeg, try there.