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Oct 1, 2010 08:57 AM

Mariage Freres tea in Michigan?


I'm looking to find Mariage Freres tea in Michigan, or at least than can be shipped to Michigan without breaking the bank!

I tried their website, too expensive.

I've looked at Market Hall and Porte Rouge, but they shun my Discover Card.

Help???? Please??

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  1. where in Michigan? big place :)

    1. I would hit up some of the nicer markets in your area to order it. Plum, Papa Joe's, Hiller's or what ever might be in your area.

      1. I've purchased their Marco Polo Tea from the Williams Sonoma store in Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor, or you could get it online from W-S or Dean & Delucca.

        1. Did you ever find Marco Polo tea in the area? it appears very difficult to find.
          William Sonoma in A2 now has a few other types of Mariage Freres teas but not Marco Polo. I'm disappointed with W S. They also no longer carry Stonehouse blood orange olive oil
          either & that was the best.

          1. Hi, i own a mariage freres store in Denmark Europe... What I would do is to contact them pr mail and ask them..
            They are really nice and serviceminded and i´m sure they´ll be happy to inform you of where you can buy their teas in you area..