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Oct 1, 2010 08:09 AM

Store-bought creme fraiche?

I've been seeing creme fraiche more and more in the store. I generally make my own using buttermilk and cream, but I'm curious about the store bought stuff. Is it any good? What does it taste like? Can you tell a difference between it and the stuff you'd make at home?

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  1. The stuff you are making at home is probably better, especially if you are using real buttermilk and not the cultured variety.

    1. Depends on the brand. I've had quite good commercial creme fraiche, it's very similar in taste and tends to be slightly thicker than homemade, but I prefer to make my own, whether I can find real buttermilk (which I most often cannot) or just cultured. I'd stick with homemade.

      1. I don't think I've ever seen how to make creme fraiche at home. I've always used one of the supermarket products - usually their own label item but, occasionally, the Isigny-sur-Mer appelation product. Never directly tasted one against the other so don't know if there's any difference - except in price - the Isigny product is about 120% more expensive than the own label.