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Oct 1, 2010 07:48 AM

Need recs....birthday dinner with kids in Seattle

My husband and will be celebrating our 45th birthdays in Seattle in November. We'll have our girls with us (5 and 7) and are looking for recommendations for dinner out. We love sushi but some other asian food is off-limits for us because my daughter has a peanut allergy and sadly, it's just too tricky to negotiate the kitchens of Thai, Malaysian and Chinese. North American-style and European restaurants are fine. We'll be staying in Pioneer Square (Best Western) but we are transit-savvy and we will have a car (although, it's a birthday dinner, so we'd like to take transit so we can have a glass of something..)

Any recommendations? thanks!

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  1. I have brought my kids to Bastille, Emmer and Rye, and Quinns. None are particularly special celebration restaurants, but are well above family style places, and all cater to kids beautifully.

    for sushi, we frequent Chinoise w/ the kids, but it is pan-asian food, so probably lots of peanut oil around! you could try Ototo on Queen Anne. Lots of families head there for sushi.

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      Thanks so much for the suggestions!!