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Oct 1, 2010 07:40 AM

Bridal Shower location in South Suburbs

Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants in the south suburbs where I could host a bridal shower? I am not originally from around here and don't really know where to start. Thanks!

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  1. How far south?
    What kind of food?
    Private room needed?
    What time / day of the week?
    How much do you wanna spend per person?

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    1. re: gordeaux

      I would prefer to go no further south than Matteson but I was looking more in Orland Park or Tinley Park area. The type of food doesn't really matter but there will be a wide variety of people so I think something more standard (Italian, American, etc) might be the most appropriate. It would be a bridal luncheon on a Saturday and I would want a private room. I would prefer to not spend more than $25 per person. Thanks!

      1. re: rubyjem00

        Allrighty then. I just did a quick search on the Chicago board for "Orland Park," and here's some places for you to look into that have been recommended by other posters. I have no experience with these places, tho I have enjoyed a few meals here and there at other Francesca locations:

        Isabella's: -look at their shower menu!


        Francescas Vicinato:

        I'd bet that Orland Park has a few chain places, quick search shows:
        Buca Di Beppo, Giordano's

        Hopefully there will be other recs from posters familiar with the area.

        Gatto's Restaurant & Bar
        8005 183rd St, Tinley Park, IL 60487


      It should meet your needs for a private room and a cost of $25/person. Their Lansing location is on Torrence Ave, about a half-mile south of the I-80/94 exit ramps.

      1. Probably the nicest place for a shower in the Tinley /Orland Park area would be 94 West in Orland Park. It has a lovely private room right at the front of the restaurant that is large enough to hold as many people as one would normally have for a shower. I have eaten in the restaurant many times, and it's a popular place for showers, anniversaries, etc. Very good food also - American or Continental with a wide variety of choices. A club I have belonged to for years had our Christmas party there and they are very used to having large groups. Even though we didn't have enough for the private room, they fixed us up in the dining room and it was lovely.

        Another good place is Papa Joe's on Lagrange Road in Orland Park. My girlfriend was just there for an 50th Anniverary party and she said the room was lovely, the food was good and the service was equally good. I haven't been there in years, but I remember the food being very good Italian.

        Gatto's in Tinley Park is another good option. However, if I remember right the room is rather small and I don't know how many people you are planning for. It is also an Italian restaurant.

        Good luck. All three places I mentioned should be in your price range I think.

        Gatto's Restaurant & Bar
        8005 183rd St, Tinley Park, IL 60487

        94 West
        15410 S 94th Ave, Orland Park, IL 60462

        1. GATTO'S without question. Perfect food served by the nicest folks in the area. They will keep you on budget and you will be very full when you leave.
          With any luck Patrick will be behind the bar. He alone is worth the trip.