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Oct 1, 2010 07:07 AM

Where can I buy plastic quart containers?

Does anyone know where I can buy the quart size plastic containers? I'm looking for the kind that our chinese take out place delivers large orders of soups or delis put salads, olives, etc. Any assistance much appreciated.

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  1. Any restaurant supply will have them, they are called heavy duty deli containers. 32 oz size is what you want. You might have to buy a case, I think 500, or maybe they would sell you a "sleeve" which would be, I don't know, 50? Lids come separate.

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      If you only want 1/2 dozen or so, ask your local chinese restaurant if they'll sell you some.

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        Another option where the quantiities are more manageable is Party City (38 W 14th St). I don't know about that specific size, but they carry various containers for catering, parties, etc.

      2. Probably not very helpful in most of Manhattan at this point but if you're not looking for a lot of them, they're also often available, in small packages, at $.99 stores, though presumably more expensive per piece. I think the last package I bought (in Brooklyn) was $1.29 for 3 or so.

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          Just looked it up and they seem to commonly come in a combo pack, 250 each of cup and lid. Runs about $ .20 for each set. I was also going to say if you just need a few, either ask to buy some from a restaurant you know, now you know what they're worth, or just buy a few quarts of soup and wash the containers out.

        2. I finally found these in packs of 5 on They are perfect.