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Oct 1, 2010 05:29 AM

Melting Pot, Darien, CT

Has anyone tried this place? Thinking about going there

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  1. we've gone several times because it is one of my 6yr olds favorites. the cheese course is pretty good and the chocolate is very good. the actual food is only ok and the place gets expensive quick. that said, it is a fun night with the right people and as long as you don't take it too seriously.

    1. Have to concur with the other responder.
      Yes, it's pricey.
      But the food is good and it IS fun.
      And cozy.
      Go with some friends - you'll have a great time.

      Hint - bring a watch with a secondhand. Timing the entree dipping times gets me nuts.

      1. The Melting Pot is a novelty spot, not a serious restaurant. Okay for the Secretaries Day lunch where everyone has wine and giggles through the meal, or a teen girl's birthday where everyone giggles through the meal because the waiter is hot, but pretty wretched for any other purpose. You get to pay insane prices for the privilege of cooking subpar food yourself. The bread for the cheese fondue is very poor quality, as is the chocolate for the dessert fondue. I don't see the appeal of unseasoned meat boiled in broth or oil--it becomes just a bland vehicle for the various sauces. Yuck.