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Best Grilled Cheese in Central Jersey?

I'm fishing for the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the area, especially the ones lifted higher with a gourmet touch. I searched the boards and came up a few choices, though really very little. Do not rule out panninis, though griddle/skillet numbers are preferred. Still, it's all about the ingredients, the bread, the technique...

So, interested to hear what people have found, tried and loved.

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  1. Grilled cheese is my drunk food. American on white with a side of fries. I think I like it best at Pat's Diner on South Broad in Trenton, but then, I was always really drunk when I had it there. (I do know they have superior fries at Pat's though:) It's been a while though - I'm old now and I haven't had any wild nights out for years.

    I like to make my own though with fresh mozz, pesto and plum tomatoes on sourdough on my George Forman grill. I first had that combo up in NYC at a place that specialized in different types of grilled cheese sandwiches.

    1. That's one of the diner staples. Grilled cheese with bacon! Any of the better diners in NJ will throw down a decent grilled cheese.

      I know its not central, but the Pop Shop (Has been on Food Network) is actually really good, and has a lot of more fancy stuff on the menu. It's worth a weekend drive at least once or twice.

      1. I always order a great grilled cheese for my kids at Bakers Treat in Flemington, and then I always steal a bite or two because it's so good! Provolone on a nice thick buttery slice of bread and grilled to perfection. Simple, but delicious! They also have a version with tomato and basil. Yum!

        1. Let's up the ante here with some real grilled cheese sandwiches. I've had one at the Ferry Terminal in San Francisco that looked just like this one:


          1. I wouldn't be surprised if Mumford's had one. Even if not on the day's menu, they'd probably make you one that would be just what you want. Check out their menu, you'll see that they have many innovative sandwiches and salads in the style I think you want.


            1. I've enjoyed an awesome grilled cheese at Bobby Flay's Burger Palace.....nicely toasted, a very sweet tomoto and just the right amount of cheese. The price was fair as well. Add a side of either regular fries or sweet potato fries and you have a great tasty meal.

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                +1 for BBP as my son proclaims them to be the best.

              2. Bond Street Bar in Asbury Park, they have a few varieties that probably rotate. I had one with sun-dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts (good bread and cheese too).

                1. On that Food Network show The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Cheesy episode, Ina Garten swears by the Grilled Cheese Sandwich at:
                  1064 Madison Avenue
                  New York, NY 10028

                  Anybody tried it?

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                    Though I've never tried it, I'd bet it's great. That woman looks like she's sampled a grilled cheese or two in her day. In fact, I'd give credence to her opinions on most any molten lipid.

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                      Just went there for lunch last week. Didn't get the Grilled Cheese, but everything else was delish!

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                        Graydon - While I appreciate the information, I don't think it addresses the OP's request for best in Central Jersey.

                      2. Another vote for the Pop Shop here... -mJ

                        1. The POP SHOP hands down the best grilled cheese sandwiches I ever had...


                          after watching Bobby Flay do a Throw Down there on TV ...I had to try it and I'm glad I did...sooooo goood!