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Oct 1, 2010 03:17 AM


Any places of note in Skippack? Or good places for an afterwork drink?

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  1. we had a really great breakfast at the Back Porch Cafe a few weeks ago, but that's the only great meal we've had so far in Skippack.

    1. Parc Bistro is one of our favorites. We stopped going to Back Porch Cafe after I ordered their stew and it looked and tasted remarkably like Dinty Moore.

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        agree with you crazyspice - Back Porch has been going downhill for a few years now while their prices have gone up. The place needs a good cleaning too.

      2. I liked the sushi at Tokyo - off the main drag, thru a parking lot and over a covered bridge. And the soup - the Japanese equivalent of wonton I guess - was very good.

        1. We enjoy the Parc Bistro and it has a busy bar! Basta Pasta has a lively bar on the back of the parking area and fair to good pasta and pizza. Agree on the sushi at Tokyo, nice venue but our sampling of entries has been disappointing. I second crazyspice on the Back Porch; we have never enjoyed our meals and find there to be a quality, price mismatch along with a bit of attitude frequently. Can't come up with the name right now but there is a Tavern/Pub on the main drag across from Mals which many people like for bar food and drink. And for light fare Mals is also popular.

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            we tried basta pasta once and weren't impressed for the price.
            we've only been to back porch the one time, but they did a good job for us with a large group (14). I did not like that the place filled up with smoke from the grill as they were cooking, but my breakfast burrito was great. altho... now that I think about it... there were several comments that items did not have all the advertised ingredients... my burrito had no black beans, and the apple whatever french toast came sans the advertised candied walnuts. people who ordered it said it was great anyway.
            YUCK on the dinty moore stew!

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              I've been going to Parc Bistro for years and have never had a bad meal there. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that I've only had great meals there whether it was just a salad and a small plate or one of their big plates. Their specials are typically very good as well.

              Back Porch used to be good, but has gone downhill over the years.

          2. Roadhouse Grill is very good for lunch or dinner. Also, nice bar for a drink after work. If it's a really pleasant evening, Justin's has a nice bar and deck in the back; it's more of a place for drinking than eating though.

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              Have lived in Blue Bell for 9 years now and get to Roadhouse Grill once or twice a year. Aside from a few nightly or seasonal specials, they haven't changed their menu in all this time.

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                I think they have a new bar menu at Road House