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Sep 30, 2010 09:42 PM

BBQ "pop up" shop by the Drake - Replacing the ice cream shop on Queen

Hey, saw this posted on Blogto. The Drake is replacing the Scoops and Tees shop with BBQ joint serving after 6pm Thursday to Saturday according to the Blogto report.

Menu and write up here:

Curious to see how this plays out. Hopefully it will be decent!

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  1. Honestly didn't enjoy Scoops and Tees, the SO and I both agreed the ice cream texture was far too icy and not creamy enough. Despite the naysayers, I think the Drake has fantastic food for the most part. Their BBQ joint excites me. Can't wait to try it.

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      Agreed with all points mlukan. We've had some really good food at the drake --love the blue plate specials -- and being able to grab bbq take-out on the way home from work sounds awesome.

    2. They had a mention of it in the Drake newsletter today, with a link to the menu on their website too (vs. the blogto image above)

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        Went out for drinks Saturday and popped in to the Drake BBQ place for a sandwich first since my girlfriend and I were starving. Bad news right off the bat, it's not licensed. I had the brisket sandwich and she had the pulled pork. Both came on traditional soft white buns topped with coleslaw. The brisket had nice flavour with noticeable smoke and a pretty tasty bbq sauce but it wasn't drenched in it. Brisket was a little dry but still pretty good. It's not going to win any bbq awards or anything but for quick takeout in the neighbourhood it's a good option. Girlfriend's pulled pork was also pretty good, again a little bit of smoke and tasty sauce but just a tad dry. Still pretty good. Also had coleslaw. It was creamy and crunchy and I liked it, but I basically like any kind of coleslaw. The sandwich with a bottle of coke and the coleslaw came to about 10 bucks so it was pretty reasonably priced. Bonus is they're open until three a.m.

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          Sounds pretty good. We're going to be in the area to meet some friends and planning to check it out this weekend. Anyone else been?

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            Went once. Wasn't worth the money or the calories. I wish is was better. This highlight was the pepper sauce which had a nice hint-o-sweet to it.


        One thing that's interesting is the 60/60 sandwich. 3 oz of both pork and beef. I really enjoy both but the idea of mixing them doesn't sound appealing.

        1. We enjoyed this for a quick meal before meeting up with friends. The pork was good but the brisket was outstanding. The sauce was light and the meat was super tender with a great smokey taste. The meat had just the right amount of fat in it, the kind that melts in the mouth and isn't chewy. The house made pepper sauce was great too. As Jenna mentioned there's a mild sweetness that adds to it.

          The smell when we walked in is one of my favourites in the world and smelled like a real deal BBQ joint. Sandwiches were served on a generic bun as they should be. The only issue is lack of license. BBQ really tastes better with a beer than a $2.50 bottle of pop. It really felt sort of odd eating it without a cold beer.

          1. Looks like Joanne Kates liked it too and says her fave is the mysterious 60/60 sandwich.


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              yeah, after reading Chowhounders review the joint (and reading about it elsewhere), i kind of wonder about Joanne's tastebuds (that and her fawning over Turtle down the street)

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                I thought it was very good and have been eating BBQ around the US most of my life. BBQ in Toronto is usually a disappointment so wasn't in a rush to check this place out when it opened. Possibly they've upped their game in the few months since they opened.