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Sep 30, 2010 09:15 PM

i need some ideas for creative biscuits... anyone? :)

so i have my favorite recipe (cook's illustrated flaky buttermilk biscuits) and am looking for some creative combos to mix in. i love to do cheddar, sometimes sausage crumbles, but what other things do you love to mix in?
oh! and if anyone has a "well, this is my mama's recipe and it is just the bee's knees!" biscuit recipe, i would love to give it a spin!

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  1. If a biscuit is kind of like a scone then I'd do olives, pesto, garlic, feta cheese (not a watery kind, nice and firm).. A spice could be nice too, a toasted spice, saffron, turmeric (for color and maybe combined with something else)

    1. I like blue cheese biscuits, or sage and carmelized onion.

      1. and then there's always basil cream biscuits. sometimes adding red pepper gives the biscuits life, anyhthing else and you have a muffin.

        1. Well-dried minced smoked salmon and dill in a sour cream biscuit: sharp smoked cheddar and smoked paprika or cayenne; gruyere; parsley/chive/cheese of any kind.

          1. ^^ mamachef, that sounds REALLY good!

            My mom always made garlic cheddar drop biscuits. It used a generic "baking mix" (basically just the dry parts of a biscuit recipe, including the butter), garlic salt, cheddar cheese, and milk, all added "until it seems right" lol. These days I usually do the biscuits from scratch and use strong garlic butter for the fat and skip the garlic salt.

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              Num num, Popkin! I like your style!!
              My MIL used to mix up her biscuit (always termed in the singular, never the plural) right in the flour canister. I guess 50 years' experience teaches you how much is how much, and "when it looks right." The thing that gets me about biscuits is, if you tell people you're making them from scratch, they look at you like you've just burst into flames before their very eyes. It's an outmoded recipe, and they're so easy, and so much better!! I experienced this not long ago; ran out of BPowder and went to borrow from a neighbor, who said, "you're making WHAT? Go to the store! Buy a can!! " Augh.