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Sep 30, 2010 07:31 PM

Hunter College - all hours, all budgets, all options

the food 'round here is atrocious; I'm finding 3rd avenue slightly better than lexington but madison, not much either. going south seems slightly better, and going north yields some things as well but, anyone with gems? I saw a torta place further up on lexington that seemed promising, but I'm looking for meals at all hours (early morning breakfast finds) as well as late night (leaving the school at 10pm or 11pm) and snacks throughout the day. food emporium should not have to be a viable option for me, and neither should the two or three streetmeat carts that supply most of the students with lunch.

and, student budget is helpful too, but not required. gems are all that I'm asking for. Agra is nearby but I haven't been there, Burger Heaven looks terrible, there is a fancy wine bar on lex and 64th or 65th? a frozen yogurt place, and a korean quickservice noodle place called Helen's. Smoothie/muffin place on 70th and lex? and a cluster of weird restaurants at 68th and 3rd also (pizza disguised as fancy, and deli disguised as "burger" joint).


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  1. chowhound's search feature is really bad; a search for "Hunter College" yielded exactly 3 results but when done through google via "hunter college" there were many more but most didn't get much hits. these were the only ones that were alright:

    most cover the same recs, none of which really appeal to me except maybe that steakhouse, just for fun. eat here now is a very generic-looking diner but, I'll probably be disappointed.

    1. I generally grab something at Hale and Hearty soups/salads on Lex at about 65th when I'm in the area. It's fresh and clean. There are a few tables where you can eat, as well as take-out.

      1. Grace's @71st and Third has a restaurant attached to it -just east of the market's back door. I ate there ages ago and thought it was pretty good. Grace's Market itself might fit your "all hours" criterion.

        There's also a little cluster of places on the east side of Lex btwn 69-70 (or 70-71; I could be off by a block) that seem appealing.

        All that said, it's hard to think of a neighbourhood less kind to a student's eating budget than the one around Hunter.

        1. No gems that I can think of, but I just discovered Katagiri on 59th between 2nd & 3rd, which may be further than you want to walk (especially today - I look like a drowned rat). They have a wide selection of Japanese snacks, very reasonably priced. I had a piece of vegetable tempura ($1.60) and a small miso soup ($1.50). Both were perfectly fine. According to NYMag, hours are 10am - 8pm.

          There's also Szechuan Chalet on 2nd at 73rd, where I had a pretty good lunch special last week - Chengdu Baby Shrimp.

          1. Bigjeff, if it's a decent outer-boro-sized lunch you crave, and this place is still in existence, then scoot over a few crosstown blocks and check it out.

            Tayrona Cafe Bakery -->

            ALSO, New Market Place is just up the block there at 419 70th Street, (212) 794-8845.
            They have a varied selection of prepared foods also.

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              you got me! that is my craving, yup. a little bit of sabor en este barrio would be awesome. I'm not sure the M66 is truly a viable piece of transportation but I might have to explore that axis.