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Sep 30, 2010 07:23 PM

Dining in Montalcino next week!

We are headed to Montalcino for a tenth wedding anniversary. Poggio Antico is closed - RATS!, but we have heard lots of good things about Trattoria Il Lecchio in Sant'Angelo in colle. Does anyone have any more suggestions for cannot miss food? We are there to drink Brunello and eat primarily so any recommendations along those lines are welcome. We will have a car. Thanks!

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  1. Now I have just seen Il Lecchio is closed on Wednesdays which will be our actual anniversary so i am more desperate than ever!

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      have you checked out all of these? there does seem to be a tendency to close on Wed in Montalcino!
      there are also some good threads, some of which which are linked in the Rstaurant listings.

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        Il Rossellino in Pienza has been recommended for dinner by myself & others in the past. It is a small place (just 4 or 5 tables) run by an older couple. Reservations are essential.

      2. Don't miss dinner at Il Giglio. The hotel is family run. The mother cooks like no other. They are very matter-of-fact about the outstanding quality of their food and wines (papa has an extensive cellar), but the quality is sublime and you would pay through the nose for such a caliber of food at a big city restaurant, if you could even get it. It's been a few years since we stayed and ate there but can't imagine they would let the quality deteriorate.

        They are not open for lunch and recommended us to eat at Re Di Macchia which is a couple of minutes walk from the hotel. We were not disappointed there either.