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Sep 30, 2010 06:50 PM

Restaurant nearo Burbank Airport

Picking up a friend next friday night at Burbank airport around 7:30p.m. No one will have eaten dinner. Will be driving back into the city, any suggestions for a light dinner, but not expensive? TIA

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  1. Gary Bric's Ramp?

    Gary Bric's Ramp
    7730 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505

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    1. re: monku

      Thanks, but that is going north and would like to go south of the airport. Also mostly steaks, and we are going out for steaks later.

      1. re: paprkutr

        Few blocks north of the airport with a 5 south freeway ramp (hence the name Ramp) right next to the restaurant. They have sandwiches, salads, burgers and other items besides steaks.

    2. Peruvian in Van Nuys at Puro Sabor. I can't think of anything near Burbank Airport.

      Puro Sabor
      6366 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91401

        1. Mambo's Cafe (Cuban)..featured on Diner's, Drive-ins & Dives

          1701 Victory Blvd
          (corner of Western Ave--convenient to 5 freeway south

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          1. re: monku

            Have you eaten here, monku? I ask because I've tried three times and have walked out three times, the last time writing a note that said "30 minutes and not even water, goodbye".

            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              Sounds like a service problem from your experience.
              Before that DD&D show I'd driven by many times wondering why the place always looked crowded. One late afternoon it wasn't crowded and stopped in and had a Cuban sandwich and it wasn't bad.

              I mentioned the DD&D episode because my wife was watching Food TV the other night and mentioned she wanted to try it out.

          2. Well, there is a Daily Grill right at the airport on Hollywood Way.
            However, Mo's on Riverside Drive in Burbank/Toluca Lake, has salads, burgers, etc., and is located just west of the Bob's Big Boy, both just a block or so west of Pass Avenue.
            There are also Zankou Chicken and Baja Fresn locations on Riverside near Cahuenga.
            My assumption is you will be driving via Barham into the city - if you are taking I-5, please advise.

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            1. re: carter

              You are correct, I'm taking Barham. TIA

              1. re: carter

                Daily grill is the spot. Good food, good bar, decent wine list and right across from the airport. The hotel next door offers a free shuttle. Who could ask for anything more..

                Daily Grill
                2500 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505

                1. re: carter

                  praise jeebus if you're thinking about going to Mo's for hamburgers please go to Annie Morton's instead.