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Sep 30, 2010 06:40 PM

My pita won't puff

I made pita bread tonight for the umpteenth time, and once again I had problems getting the loaves to puff. This time, the first batch I cooked actually did puff up nicely, but when I put the second and third batch in the oven, they turned out flat and crisp, more like pizza doughs than pita. What did I do wrong?

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  1. Did you roll them too thin? And did you let the oven return to the correct temp (I usually set mine to about 500) before putting in the second and third batches? Opening the door to take out the first batch lets out a lot of heat. Correcting these two problems usually solves it for me, although I still get a batch every once in a while in which a couple haven't puffed all the way.

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      Ah... this is exactly what happened. I was making them for dinner and the rest was prepared, so I was rushing to put the rest of the pitas in the oven. Also, the recipe I used only called for the oven to be heated to 400. You'd recommend turning it up? Also, how thin is too thin? The first batch, while puffy, were also a bit doughy, so I tried to roll the next one out thinner, to somewhere between 1/8 and 1/4 inch. The first batch were probably 1/4 inch thick.

      1. re: adjuncteater

        I do 500ยบ, have the rack at the lowest possible position, and I have a stone. I roll pretty thinly, but I can't guess what that means in real terms. The puff is a miracle if you ask me. Magic!

        you might post your recipe. Perhaps this isn't just you and your oven.

    2. I agree with the others. Cranck up your oven and let the dough rest a few minutes after rolling, not too thin either.
      Post your recipe and we can all compare notes. I have a recipe I've done at home in a mediocre oven and it worked out just fine.