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Sep 30, 2010 06:31 PM

Pouding Chômeur... can I add...

Has anyone ever tried adding some type of fruit, like caramelized apples or pears to a Pouding Chomeur (maple syrup pudding cake) recipe? If so, where would I add it? Into the batter or into the maple syrup glaze on top? Would it do anything bad to the texture or weigh it down?


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  1. I'd caramelize apple or pear slices to add to a little of the maple syrup sauce in the bottom of the pan before adding the batter and topping with the rest of the sauce, or you could add the fruit to the cake batter, pouring all the syrup over before baking. Cooking the fruit first would be better than raw in this case, imo. Or even top the cake with the fruit before serving.

    I had a friend who's mom was from Canada and used to make this. I haven't thought about it in quite a few years; thanks for reminding me. It's sweetly delicious, nice with vanilla ice cream, and although it's name is translated as unemployed (or poor) person's pudding, it's no longer so cheap to make with all that maple syrup and heavy cream.

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      Thanks fro your help!! Yep- Im Canadian so I thought it would be appropriate.

    2. I make pudding chomeur with strawberry or blueberry all the time. You just put the amount of sugar you want in your fruit heat it up than put your cake on top and voila!