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Sep 30, 2010 06:14 PM

Blue (is New) in White Plains!!!

Ran into Blue tonight for a quick dinner. Had stopped going quite some time ago as their kitchen really declined. Well SURPRISE!!!
New chef, Matt Kay, is working IT!!!
Decor is the same. Service was very good, although only 4 tables dining. Bar was empty for a Thurs at 8pm (could have been due to impending storm).
The chef and maitre 'd were gracious. Chef appeared several times.
We started with edamame dumplings w truffle oil essence. The dumpling wrap was thin yet not flimsy. Delish!
Kobe burger sliders were perfectly cooked as requested.. very tasty...large portion
The wasabi ahi tuna entree had a perfectly crunchy crust served atop edamame and mushroom .
The pistachio crusted salmon was perfectly seasoned with a beautiful presentation.
Overall, a very unexpected pleasant surprise.
Maybe all is not lost in White Plains, after all.

99 Church Street, White Plains, NY 10601

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  1. Must disagree with you about Blue. Although told they were fully booked at 7:30, when we arrived it was practically empty. Our waiter was very attentive - told us the specials and took our drink order. That was the high point of the evening. Appetizers were good. I did enjoy the edamame dumplings and my friend liked her mozzarella napoleon. I had ordered the filet mignon and my friend ordered the ahi tuna. We waited some time for entrees, and that was fine. But it was nearly impossible to get a busboy, waiter or anyone so that we could get knives to eat our dinner with. Once we finally did, the filet was chewy and stringy. Our waiter was MIA. Even the busboys couldn't find him. I nicely explained to the hostess that the meat was not right and she was apologetic. I ordered the hamburger b/c I figured it was fast as my friend was 1/2 done with her meal. We didn't see the waiter again-despite his attending to all the tables around us- until our food was cleared and it was time for dessert. We were both underwhelmed by the experience and the food. Had no desire for dessert or coffee. Won't be back.