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Sep 30, 2010 06:02 PM

Is it possible to cut bundt cake recipes in half?

I have several great sounding recipes for bundt cakes. Only problem is that it's just DH and me and whenever I make a bundt cake, we have so much I have to freeze it and end up eating it forever. Is there any way to cut a bundt cake recipe in half (I assume that's possible), but the harder question is then what pan would I use? A loaf pan?

Thank you!

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  1. I frequently make 1/2 a recipe and bake it in a bundt pan - just slightly lessen the bake time and 1/2 the end product - all good!!!

    1. Use a loaf, 8" square, 9" round, or muffin pan. Bake at 350, start checking at 35, 30, and 14 minutes, respectively.

      1. If you have what's called a bundtlette pan, you can make half the recipe and bake six mini bundt cakes. A half recipe will also usually yield one 9 inch cake in a pan with at least 2 inch high sides. A typical bundt cake recipe yields 12 cups batter, while the bundtlette molds will hold six 1-cup portions of batter. I've not seen a 6 cup bundt pan, but maybe someone makes one?

        If you want to check that you have an original 12 cup capacity bundt pan, just fill it with cups of water. There are bundt pans that only hold 9 or 10 cups of batter, but most are the original larger capacity, and so most recipes follow that guideline. An eight inch round or an 8 by 4 inch loaf pan will hold 4 cups of batter, by the way. Baking times for each will vary considerably from your bundt recipe.

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          Aside from using loaf and cake pans, Nordicware makes a 6 cup (8" x 8") bundt pan, and Kaiser makes a 3 cup (6" x 6") bundt pan as well, which makes 4 bundts from a 12 cup batter recipe, or half that amount, depending on how many you want. Then there's the 6 cup mini bundt plaque you wrote about. All can be seen at amazon.

          As posters have mentioned, baking times (but not oven temp) need to be adjusted for smaller pans/amounts.