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Sep 30, 2010 05:58 PM

Finally had dinner at Dettera!

Dettera has been around for a little over a year and alot has been said about the restaurant. The atmosphere is undeniably gorgeous, their drinks ans apps are good, but its been discussed on these boards as really pricey and franky not worth the money. When I first stopped into Deterra for drinks the first thing that caught my eye was a $47 veal chop on the menu and at that point I planned never to have dinner there... no dinner is worth that much money! Well, I went there for a work dinner and was really happy. The first thing I notice was the prices. Prices were much more in line, I think they changed up the menu. This week they are offering $28 for a 3 course meal. Since I was on an expense account I odered off the regular menu. I ordered the veal chop, and it was only around $30 which while not cheap is much more reasonable. I think that was the top of the price, most were in the $20-$30 range. It was delicous, perfectly cooked with a nice glaze (worth $30 but not wirth $47!). I also got the "bacon and eggs" appetizer. Honestly it was the best thing I have eaten in ages - pork belly, perfectly cooked oozy egg, frisee salad. Maybe I'm biased because it was the first time I ever tried pork belly` but wow was that good! We also had a fabulous cheese and salumi plate. Others at my table were happy with their dishes as well, the peking duck looks fabulous! Overall I was really happy and I would say that the owners have really taken the critism to heart. Service was great, I think I would even go back.... and not even on an expense account :)

Dettera Wine Restaurant & Bar
129 East Butler Avenue, Ambler, PA 19002

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  1. Thanks for posting AG. It sounds like I need to give them another try.

    1. I've been curious about this place, too, but afraid to try it after their disastrous Craig Laban review when they first opened. I do love a good salad Lyonaisse. It is usually made with a thick cut bacon. We will have to try it. Maybe next time we go to the Ambler theater.

      1. Thanks for the update. I have avoided Dettera for many of the same reasons you have been avoiding going there. My references have been friends who have noted the high prices and also a bit too much attitude. Oh and as mentioned by "hungry thing" the Laban review was a disaster. While I am not close to his knowledge or expertise I usually find his comments spot on. The very high prices alone suggest a price=quality=selective clientel approach by the owner. Hello this is
        Ambler not Paris! We certainly welcome the effort to provide a local upscale experience and are pleased to hear your review which may indicate a new attitude along with the revised menu. Thank you AmblerGirl

        1. For those looking for a less expensive meal at DeTerra, I can heartily recommend their pizzas. Thin crispy crust, can get even get in whole wheat. My favorite is the fig and arugula pizza - delicious with their Savignon Blanc made by Infamous Goose.

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            I agree about their pizzas! I absolutely loved the one with arugala, goat cheese, figs and marscapone. It had a drizzle of balsalmic vinegar on top that made it extra special.

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              Ditto on the pizza! When we're in the mood to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Dettera we usually sit at the bar and do pizza and salad. My favorite by far is the lamb sausage, goat cheese and roasted peppers pizza, it's amazing!!! However, I would like to see more wine selections from Santa Barbara on the list.

            2. Food is great here but unbelievable noise level

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                Artrep, What items on the menu have you tried that prompts you to say "Food is great here" ? At these prices one would hope for something extraordinary. As long as you feel the great food is worth the great price, that is "great". Others may or may not have a problem paying the price but questioned the fair value; which of course takes into considerations more than food and includes the venue and service. Noise level , yes heard that too. What items did you find "Great" ? Appreciate your comments, thanks.