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Sep 30, 2010 05:37 PM

What should I order at Providence?

Going tonight; not going to order any of the tasting menus. Thanks.

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  1. I would have recommended the tasting menu. I think that at a place like Providence you should really aim to try as many things as possible. I honestly couldnt recommend any one dish as they are all pretty amazing.

    1. Definitely the tasting menu.

      I have done the chef's which was incredible and took a bit over 4 hours.

      Recently I returned and did 5 courses, and supplemented the big eye tuna tartar and the truffle risotto.

      Both incredible meals.

      Definitely do one of the tastings.

      1. Out of curiosity, how much food is involved in the tasting menus at Providence? Is the chef's menu something most people would get through in a night?

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          We did the full tasting menu of 9 courses (paced @ 2 hours) and I was stuffed by the 7th course--and I was careful to just *taste* the bread and didn't have lunch that day. Each of the courses measure approximately 1/4 cup of food...with a couple dishes measuring a max of 1/2 cup.

          EDIT: Here's a good blog w/photos: