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Best Options for Game in Central London - end of November

lsluva Sep 30, 2010 05:20 PM

Hello 'Hounds - I will be visiting London for the first time in many years at the end of November. Given the season, I would like to devote a meal to some choice game dishes. I would be grateful for suggestions. As an aside, my mother will be with me for her first-ever visit to England, so of course I am keen for her to have memorable, welcoming experiences. We will be staying near the Tottenham Court Road tube stop. I would rather not exceed 40 GBP pp if possible. My thanks in advance for your help!

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    helen b Oct 2, 2010 04:55 AM

    I think given your Mum is visiting the country for the first time it's a bit of a money-no-object occasion, no? Rules epitomises a certain aspect of Britain in terms of its heritage, looks, menu...she'd love it. I've had a look and grey leg partidge/grouse with all the accompaniments is £29, so you could be frugal elsewhere. Starters are less than £10. I'd say scrimp on the booze but then, hey, that wouldn't be very British would it! By the way, they have an AMAZING bar.

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      marcus james Oct 7, 2010 05:17 AM

      i don't know if all will still be in effect at the end of nov, but corrigans mayfair is offering a special game menu right now. here's what they were emailing to their database just the other day. it looks delicious. any other hownders tried it yet?

      The Game Season is now upon us with Corrigan's Mayfair currently serving:
      Wild Boar with Damson Jelly
      Salad of Game Birds, Romesco and Wet Walnuts
      Grouse Pie for 2
      Roast Loin of Hare, with roasted squash
      Wild Duck with Sour Cherries
      Braised Haunch of Venison, Roast Loin, Valhrona Chocolate
      By popular request, Squirrel has also returned.

      be aware, you won't get out of corrigans for less than £40. it will be more. however, game is expensive. allowing for starters, desserts, drinks, water and service, i don't think you'll hit that budget at any half decent venue.

      1. re: marcus james
        lsluva Oct 12, 2010 05:58 PM

        I want to thank everyone who replied to this query! I did know of Rules (and I should have said that "up front") and I do agree that my "mum's" big trip to London is a pull-out-the-stops occasion. It will be Rules or Corrigan's, likely, and I will report back after our trip. Can't scrimp on the drinks - I think the haunch of venison would be offended, don't you? Again, thank you for your kindness. London is my favorite of all cities, and I am thrilled to return after 12+ years.

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      souljacker Oct 1, 2010 06:28 AM

      I recently had an exceedingly delicious grouse with bread sauce at Dean St Townhouse (£28) and partridge at Anchor & Hope (£15 iirc). Obviously the menus at both places change semi-frequently but I would imagine that A&H will have game on the menu on any given day in November

      1. Paprikaboy Oct 1, 2010 02:17 AM

        If you want game and a memorable experience my suggestion would be Rules which is close to where you are staying.
        The only issue is that it would be difficult to squeak by on less than £40 pp unless you don't have alcohol.

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        1. re: Paprikaboy
          t_g Oct 1, 2010 02:28 AM

          you can get grouse @ st john for around £20 iirc

          1. re: t_g
            justmarried Oct 1, 2010 02:35 AM

            I have seen Grouse on he menu at the Anchor and Hope and at Great Quenn Steet in the last 2 weeks. It is 24 quid though. There wer loads of other game options and you can eat there for 40 per head

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