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Sep 30, 2010 03:30 PM

"Dinner With The Band"

Any fans of this show? It's running on IFC now. The host is a very talented and creative chef. On each show he prepares a dinner and a cocktail for whatever band he has as a guest. It starts off with the band assisting in preparation of the dinner. In the middle of the show the band goes upstairs to play a song or two while he cooks and prepares cocktails. Then the band comes back down to enjoy dinner and a drink. It's a fun way to learn some new recipes and check out the music of young, up and coming bands you may never have heard of.

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  1. I've been addicted to this show for a while now. I have become a big fan of Sam Mason, I only regret canceling my reservation at his old restaurant Tailor before it went under. Rumor has it he is looking to open up a new restaurant, possibly in Park Slope.

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      Sam Mason. Thanks for mentioning his name. Although I've seen several episodes of DWTB, his name hadn't stuck with me yet.

    2. Dinner with the Band I enjoyed and wished for more. Cooking With Rockstars shared a similar fate

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        Feedback Kitchen with Mario Batali has him interviewing and cooking for musicians. So far he has Patti Smith, Flea, the Edge and a few others.

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          Sure, too bad Mario didn't take the idea a bit farther. He is a true rock star groupie going back to the very beginning.

          Honestly, I always feel as a fan of these shows that the constant challenge is that creative people tend to have their hands in so many pots the time to develop is never long term. I work in creative circles and the talk is usually about the next project and not the current one. Boredom sets in quick. Too bad really because the networking is usually awesome and produces stuff fans want.

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            "Sure, too bad Mario didn't take the idea a bit farther. He is a true rock star groupie going back to the very beginning. "

            Except, IMO, he lost his cred as a rock star groupie when he featured Josh Groban and the Edge on the show. I bet the goopster is next.

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              Really? I think a mix of musical guests is sorta important. I hope more episodes come along.