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Sep 30, 2010 02:43 PM

Pool (as in billiards) and burgers in Silverlake, Los Feliz, Echo Park, Glendale, Eagle Rock, Burbank area?

Some friends and I want to shoot pool and eat burgers - or that sort of food - tonight in the above mentioned areas. Don't want to have to wait around or win our way onto the one and only pool table in the place. We also, of course, want drinks - is it even legal to shoot pool without alcohol. Any bright ideas, anyone?

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  1. There are two pool halls I know of in Glendale: Charles' Billiards on Brand across from the Americana and just North which fits your description to a T, and The Green Room on San Fernando just West of Brand (might be closed)
    There are lots in Koreatown if you want to head that direction. There is certainly alcohol to be found there.

    Green Room
    6756 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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      Koreatown might work. Any particular suggestions?

      1. re: estone888

        I haven't been to any in Koreatown but I pass them all the time. There's one across from Taylor's at 8th and Normandie, one or two on Vermont near Olympic, and lots more in most of the strip malls in K-town. Not sure the scene inside though.

    2. why not go to hollywood billiards? they serve food..nachos are good. but not sure about anything else as i havent tried much food there.

      1. We ended up at Charles' Billiards in Glendale. The food was about equal to our pool playing - really bad. The burger that one friend had was nearly inedible. The fish and chips that I and my other friend had were edible - the chips were even reasonably good - but only just.

        We shall search elsewhere next time for good food with pool.

        1. Next time, try Jake's Billiards in Pasadena. Upstairs diner has a build your own burger selection. Downstairs pool hall with happy hour finger food. I don't know if you can order the burger at your pool table. Its not a burger destination nor a great pool hall but for the combo you are looking for I would recommend it.