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Sep 30, 2010 02:28 PM

Almost October, 2010 Grocery Outlet

Oakland Grocery Outlet on Wednesday afternoon, Sept 29

items with an “*” before the price are located on the shelves above the long freezer sections in the middle of the store.


* 69¢, Kombucha Wonder Drink, traditional flavor, 8.4 fl oz.can, from Kombucha Wonder Drink Co. of Portland, OR;

$4.99, Fife Vineyards 1997 Alluvial Petite Syrah, produced and bottled by Fife in Oakville. An 87/100 from Wine Spectator in 12/99. The cork is starting to crumble at the bottom. Deep aromas of plum and berry. I don't know much about wine but my novice palate appreciated this 13-year-old bottle.

$1.49, Viru pilsner from Estonia in 10 oz. bottle. Maltier than other pilsners. The malted barley is from Lithuania and the Saaz hops from the Czech Republic. Most notable is the bottle. According to Wikipedia, “Viru beer is sold in distinctive tall octahedral bottles. The design is a century old and originates from Imperial Russia; it is intended to resemble the mediæval-era turrets found in Estonia.” Link to image of bottle:

$3.99, 6-pack Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, 16 oz. cans;

* 99¢, Pacific Foods Organic Almond Beverage, original flavor, 32 oz. carton;


* $1.29, North Coast Organic Apple Sauce with Berries, 24 oz. Jar, Manzana Products of Sebastopol;

$1.99, Pasta D'Oro Gluten Free 100% Corn Fusili Pasta, 16 oz. bag, to be consumed before 11/24/10, from Sam Mills in Romania;

99¢, Roland Flat Fillets of Anchovies in olive oil, 2 oz. tin, from Peru, wild caught, a good-tasting firm anchovy;

* 99¢, Pacific Foods Spicy Black Bean Soup, gluten free, 32 oz. carton, best before 12/16/10;

$5.99, Summer Peak Blueberries, 3 lb. frozen bag, from Radar Farms in Lynden, WA;

*$2.49, Izzy's Organic Blue Agave Low Glycemic All Natural Sweetener, 11.5 oz. Plastic bottle, product of Mexico;

$1.99, Minis Mix of Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, etc, 10.50 oz. bag, and other goodies for Halloween;

other stuff: $1.29 for Paone Nested Fettuccine 500 gram carton from Italy, lots of decaf coffee, Häagen-Dazs Irish Bailey Cream ice cream for $1.49/14 oz. carton, Ben & Jerry's Mission to Marzipan w/almond cookies, $1.49/16 oz. carton

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  1. Santa Rosa today:

    Plenty of frozen organic entrees & pizza, even Amy's oatmeal. Only ice cream in square boxes.

    Gerties Fresh 1/2 pints of salsas & spreads $1.49. Pineapple-papaya salsa yummy. A couple of artichoke spreads too. In cooler. All good ingredients, though they did fly in fresh from Peru.

    Haven't tried the Gloria's Harvest olives in a bag with evo yet - 7 oz for $1.49.

    Lindt 3.5 oz bars of chocolate for $1.49 - 50% as usual, 70% - finally. Long dates into 2011.

    1. Good to see the thread alive for GO. Haven't been there in a while, but would soon catch up.

      BTW last month I shopped at the Oakland store and found those 'sugar-free' chocolate cookies.
      I have to say they taste very good and I am feel so less guilty eating them.
      I would go to GO only to get that. Don't remember the price.

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      1. re: chowmeaow

        OK, did go to Newark GO today.

        Aunt Katie macaroons 2.49, pretty good, says only 8g sugar but tastes bit sweet.
        yams 3lb 1.99
        blue agave organic syrup 2.49
        gordon biersch seasonal pack 13.99
        cacaoberry tea(my favorite) 3.99
        organic eggs medium (18) 2.99, these are small, though.

        jason body lotion 3.99
        Also got some Halloween decorations.

        There many icecream cartons, pizzas in frozen section.

      2. RWC:
        Feed Granola they had 3 flavors. I got the Bittersweet'Ness 12 oz exp 6/17/11 $2.99
        Got a $1.00 off coupon with my receipt for Birdseye Steamfresh Entrees 24 oz.($1.99 w/ coupon)
        Lots of Glade candles: $1.49-$2.49

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        1. re: Wheetie

          Add a couple Red wines at bargain prices. Both are in the October 6th ad. Six Prong 2006 Red Wine, at $ 2.99, a nice blend of Washington grapes. The other is 2007 Blue Pirate Oregon Pinot Noir for $ 3.99.

        2. Oakland, Saturday 10/16:

          Humboldt Creamery organic butter (salted), $3.49/lb -- label also says "pasture-based" I sliced off a sliver and it's very good

          Dannon "all natural" plain yogurt, $1.49/quart. Only ingredient is "cultured milk"!

          Smart Balance fat free milk, $1.49/half gallon

          Organic chocolate soy milk (refrigerated half gallons) $1.99

          Belgian dark chocolate dessert cups, 99 cents for a box of 8

          Ben&Jerrys: Mint chocolate chunk, triple caramel chunk and Mission to marzipan, $1.49. There was also some Starbucks ice cream

          Boursin -- two flavors: the black pepper rang up 99 cents and the red pepper was S1.49

          I also bought a 30lb bag of Castor and Pollux dog food for $16.99 (is $44.97 on sale on Petco website). Good quality food with no wheat, corn or soy.

          1. Friday afternoon at Berkeley Grocery Outlet

            $7.99 - Olivos organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500 ml from Turkey
            $3.99/lb - Rosenborg Blue Cheese, strong flavor, from Denmark,
            $14.99 - Villa Hermosa 2005 Cab Sauvignon
            $1.69 - Vicolo frozen corn meal veggie calzones, 8 oz. from Hayward and some frozen pizzas (don't know price of pizza)
            good selection of beers - Blue Moon Belgian White-style ($7.50/6-pack), Dos Equis, etc. prices were ok, not great

            $1.29 Athenos Greek-style plain non-fat yogurt, 16 oz.

            Last week they had a good selection of 2000 - 2004 Fife reds but they're all gone now.

            While walking west on University Ave towards GO, noticed some changes on the street:

            At 1585 University, Pomegranate is gone and Himalayan Flavors is opening tonight, run by some of the family members of the Taste of the Himalayas operators;

            at 1025 Univ, a sign that Kabana #2 is coming soon;

            at 8th or 9th and Univ, Templebar closed in September and

            at about 9th and Univ, a former book or art supply store is being converted to, I think, a winery or wine store.

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            1. re: zippo

              Premier Cru wine distributors/retailers is moving into the art supply space, from Emeryville.

              Premier Cru
              1011 University Ave, Berkeley, CA

              1. re: zippo

                Calendars $.99, 2011 with large black and white pictures of Paris including one of the Metro Station at Place des Abbesses with its Guimard-style entrance one of only 3 of the original entrances left in Paris. Also animals and other non-interesting stuff.

                1. re: zippo

                  I wanted to buy some of that Villa Hermosa 2005 Cab Sauvignon, but they were all out today (Sunday 10/31).