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Sep 30, 2010 01:27 PM

Weekend in Vancouver - Post Trip Review

I had the pleasure of spending the past weekend in Vancouver and dined at several famous/recommended establishments in the downtown area. I thought I would share my thoughts on these places for future tourists. Also, locals should feel free to correct me if you feel I had a off night.

Rodney's Oyster House - I visited Rodney's during low tide and had a dozen on the half shell. The oysters were fantastic though i must say that my waiter has an attitude problem. I asked him to recommend a sweeter variety to which he replies "buddy, they all come from the sea and are not sweet", the couple next to me asked for his favorite type and he simply answers "i like them all"

Guu with garlic - Automatic +1 for having tantakatan. The beef carpaccio and gyu tan were fantastic, tho more delicate than the usual izakaya fare that im used to. I can see the fried cartilage being a good drinks chaser, but for 1 person, its just too much fried stuff.

Banana leaf - Biggest disappointment of the trip. The curry for the roti canai is sweet instead of curry like. While singaporean laksa posts some resemblance to the original, it doesn't have enough coconut milk and the noodles are meesiam (skinny malaysian type) instead of the thick singaporean type.

Pour house - Fantastic bar with a focus on quality cocktails. I went on a Sunday night and they had a band playing. Extra points for having less common alcohol such as aperol. Highlight of the weekend.

Japadog - It was raining when I went so there's hardly anyone in line. I tried the kurobuta and okonomi. It is a very interesting take on hotdogs and vistors should definitely try it. Although I'm not sure if I would frequent the place if I actually lived in Vanoucouver. I do want to learn how to make the wasabi mayo, I can't imagine it to be very difficult.

That's my weekend trip in a nut shell. All in all a beautiful city and I can't wait to visit again.

838 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E1W2, CA

Rodney's Oyster House
1228 Hamilton, Vancouver, BC V6B2S8, CA

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  1. Thanks for the report! I totally agree with you on Rodney's and their attitude problem, BTW. I had a similarly bad experience recently actually (they screwed up my order and tried to pin it on me). "They all come from the sea and are not sweet" is a pretty ignorant statement for someone who works in an oyster bar.

    Wasabi mayo is literally just mayo and wasabi paste. You can also purchase jars of it at certain Japa-centric groceries.

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      Yeah, great to hear back from one of the many tourists who asks for reccos. And thanks for the mention of tantakatan. I don't know a thing about shochu and the fact that there is one made with perilla leaves intrigues me.

      Couldn't agree more about the general lameness of Banana Leaf. I think they expanded too fast, because they used to be better. Never stellar, but better.

      1. re: grayelf

        fmed - the reason i didn't leave there and then is because i biked all the way from the west end, up a tedious hill and through traffic.

        grayelf - tantakatan is a very light/fresh shochu. come to think about, it probably works great in a summer cocktail

      2. re: fmed

        Some grocery chains might carry it as well, if they have an international foods aisle.

      3. thanks for reporting back. its great to hear your POV.
        Rodney's is no longer my oyster destination. despite the continued bad service and high prices, - based on the mediocre cooked food and ambiance(it is more of a pub seating than a restaurant) and the noise, people traffic can be a tad annoying - .Rodney's still packs them in.

        Agree with the Banana Leaf comments - btw which location did you go? The singapore laksa is 'lemak' but still lacks the flavor and aroma of a good laksa. Most items are watered down to cater to a more audience. Hence why they are popular. The best laksa outside of M'sia and S'pore is probably in Australia.

        I do heart Pourhouse. Havent been back since Jay Jones left. But he said he left it in good hands.

        JapaDog hmm certainly not gourmet cooking but very popular with locals and culinary tourist. Wasabi mayo is like fmed said mayo and wasabi. make sure to use keypie (QP) mayo not regular mayo.