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Sep 30, 2010 01:16 PM

37th Annual Los Angeles Korean Festival

Just learned about this festival today and was grabbed by the words "Bibimbap Festival"(!!!) Has anyone been to this and know what food/drink vendors will be here? Info on price range / what's especially good appreciated!

37th Annual Los Angeles Korean Festival | Sept 30 – Oct 3 at Seoul International Park:

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  1. Got a report from my friend who's been previous - " the festival is good, but warning, crowded as heck normally. everyone and their mama and grandmama come out. so... seeing that it's the first time i've seen it on yelp, i foresee madness. at any rate, food is good, korean street food type of stuff. not what i would call cheap and generally none of the food is gonna knock your socks."

    1. Very disappointing! The food was expensive - $10 for kimbap and $10 for fish cake soup. Also, it was very hot (they need some kind of shading in the entertainment area). Definitely would not go again. Parking was a nightmare and paid parking was $10.