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Sep 30, 2010 01:00 PM

Boulevard or The House

I have one night in SF, a Saturday with my fiancee. I have read/heard great things about both spots. I have reservations at both.

Which one will knock my socks off?


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  1. I don't think these restaurants are in the same league. The House is very good, but more casual. Good solid Californina/Fusion cuisine. Boulevard is more of a special occasion restaurant. Definitely more pricey, white table cloth, excellent food. I guess it depends on how much you would like to spend, but either one will be a nice experience.

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      I'm afraid I have to differ about the House. I am visiting a friend here in SF and we went to the House. What I was expecting and what we got were nowhere nearly similar. Their greatest failing was an amazingly bad server faux pas. My friend eats very slowly, I eat rapidly. I had finished my appetizer and he was still eating his soup. The waitress brought my main dish, which surprised me. However she then brought my friends dish and set it on the table next to his soup. I found that to be an unexcusable error.

      I had a deef fried salmon roll as appetizer. The texture was fine and the salmon had almost no flavor. When asked whether the salmon in another dish was farmed or wild she said that "today is is farmed." I suspect that is was farmed the day before and will be so the future.

      I ordered curry noodles with shrimp as a main course. The noodles (udon) and no texture, the sauce had very little flavor, and the less said about the shrimp the better.

      Even realizing that SF is an expensive city I felt the restaurant was also a poor value. I am very glad that we didn't order dessert.

    2. Boulevard. The House is an Asian Cafe. Boulevard is a high class fine dining restaurant that's in the top 10 in SF. You should definitely go. It is located very close to the bay but you have no bay view. The atmosphere is outstanding as the food and service. If you have a chance go to Bix, Saison and Gary Danko. They are quite nice as well.

      Boulevard Restaurant @ 1 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 415 - 543 - 6084.

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        There are a few tables along the Embarcadero side that have a view; you can request that when you make a reservation.