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Sep 30, 2010 12:09 PM

OINK & MOO Texas Style Bbq

Seriously, everyone deserves a shot but please when it comes to the food, put your best foot forward.
Oink & Moo, just opened this past Tuesday on Derry Rd east of Dixie in Mississauga, borders on Brampton. It's location although on a main road is surrounded by an industrial area. It shares a building and parking lot with an automotive shop and gas bar. Interior completey refaced with nice barn board paneling and U.S interstate signage around. Clean and tidy, bit of a roadhouse feel.
I did not notice any achohol, only water and soft drinks. Has what you expect within the menu, Ribs,
Pulled Pork Sandwich, Chicken Sandwich, Burger ect..... What I found a bit odd was the Panini Sandwich offerings with cold cut's - 3 types. A breakfast menu is also available. Ok, onto the food.
Ordered Pulled Pork Sandwich, comes with fries, beans, coleslaw.
Baby food, that's what I felt I was eating. The Pulled Pig Bits are pulled so tiny it's like eating
mushy peas, soft and creamy feel due to the saucing, holding no firmness without any texture whatsoever, not so nice. The Bun a white generic also too soft bagged grocery store style, not nasty but brought nothing to the mix. It would do fine if the meat had some firmness, but no.
The meat itself, I'm not certain if they have a smoker, I believe the flavour was strictly from the sauce it's mixed into, then they add a bolder sauce to top it when serving. Soft, Mushy, Creamy, Yuk also the menu says its topped with coleslaw and wasn't. Beans, too small and to much sauce, clearly out of a can and not prepared on the premisis. Coleslaw, minced, whats up with these people are they thinking we like to eat our food through straws, and tasteless. Fries, ok, typical, nothing great nothing bad. Cost with taxes and a bottle of water was $8 and change.
I believe that they share a connection with the gas bar as while I was there the mechanics would come over and discuss a leaking fuel issue with one of the crew behind the counter. Also dude behind the counter, when a mechanic with his hands just blackened with filth from working on automobiles hands you a pair of keys through the counter area, first don't accept them, secondly go wash your hands. I dont think these guys are bad people and I hold anything against them personally, they were actually all very freindly, and I liked how the room was set up, but real Texas BBQ, we are not quite there. They need to work on that Pig........Porto

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  1. Pig? at a place claiming to be Texas Style BBQ? Sorry that's a deal breaker, Texas BBQ ain't got much to do with swine, it's beef (brisket), beef (hot links) and more beef (beef rib)

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    1. re: bytepusher

      Was there even a briskit sandwhich? Just like bytepusher said Texas is known for the beef not the pig. With all the pork offerings mentioned in the review, that's pretty lame.

    2. Ah, crap. I've been waiting for this place to open because I live in Brampton. Sad to hear the first review is so unfavorable -- but that being said, I will still try it for myself and see what conclusions I arrive at.

      Thanks for the info though, at least I know its open now..

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      1. re: duckdown

        They did have a beef brisket sandwich although I believe it's on the Monday Daily Special only.
        On the menu they also have a char broiled steak slab, Texas Burger and a bbq chicken breast sandwich. Not sure where this fit's in to Texas Bbq but they have Fish and Chips and Poutine as well. That's what I can acurratley recall.......Porto

        1. re: Porto

          You ever see a cowboy herding chickens or fish? Right, if a cowboy didn't herd the source animal it ain't Texas BBQ.

          1. re: Porto

            In Texas I've never seen a BBQ place that sold a burger, a steak, or any sort of fish. I do remember some having BBQ chicken, and turkey but never a breast sandwhich.