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Sep 30, 2010 10:44 AM

Lunch in Nanaimo - suggestions

Ok, I'm in Nanaimo for lunch this Sat. Looking for casual dining, open to worldwide cuisines, nothing too fancy, but really hoping to avoid generic food troughs... any suggestions gratefully received.

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  1. Mostly second hand but FWIW... The PILs like the Crow and Gate but it can be busy. Black Bear for another pubby option (good liver and onions per FIL who would know). There is/was a decent Thai place. Just googled and I'm afraid it is called Amazing Thai (which may explain why I blocked it but we ate there twice on different visits and it was better than most Vancouver Thai -- perhaps that's damning it with faint praise and it's been a couple years too). I have a note about a "new" Thai place on Commercial but cleverly didn't date it... probably Sukkho. Too bad Mahle House isn't open for lunch.

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      The Acme has just changed hands and a recent meal there was excellent-service and food both.

      Excellent Oysters and if the Caesar had more Garlic it too would have been a 10.

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        I had dinner at Sukkho Thai not too long ago (a little over month ago). I thought it was pretty decent - and above the typical Vancouver Thai....however...I dined with a spice-intolerant person so we had to ask for things to be toned down. I also note that many dishes had green pepper and broccoli as ingredients...which I think are filler. I always ask for them to exclude it from my order.

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          I like the look of that patio, fmed. But purple cabbage and carrot in pad thai??

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            Yeah...I was just happy it wasn't broccoli or peppers. It wasn't bad though and props for having Chang beer.

      2. Forget to mention i will have a teen with me, so pubs are unfortunately out of the question...

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          How about the Dinghy Dock? The food isn't great but it is a fun water taxi ride to the place. Then hike around the island. Stick to fish and chips, burgers etc.

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            This thread is mostly a couple years old but there's some Nanaimo options lurking here as well:

        2. For the record, ended up at Gina's Mexican cafe, which is billed as a place on a cliff with a great view, but it's actually a place on a hill with a view of a parking lot and a budget rent a car. Nonetheless, it's a quant little house outfitted to emulate a small town Mexican restaurant, serving a wide range of Mexican classics and many plate combos, which allow you to try 3 or 4 things at a time, but it's pretty average food and not particularly distinctive. Best comparison would be Taco del Mar.

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              I just checked on the other thread and (horrors!) it was on the Nanaimo list I'd compiled. I hope that isn't where you got the recco, td. If so, my apologies, and consider it expunged.

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              Uh oh, another innocent victim of Gina's.

              Back in the days (1991), the missus was stationed there for a few months, and we fell victim (as lean-budget diners) to Gina's twice (ok second time was pure stupidity). Astounding that they are still around ! It's like Andales or Pepitas .......

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                Yes if you had asked where Not To Eat we would have warned you.

                Funny last I was in Nanaimo locals told me it had closed.

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                  I think a "not to eat" list would exhaust the generous character count allotted by Chowhound...