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Sep 30, 2010 10:30 AM

Electrolux appliances

We are planning a kitchen remodel and have been pitched Dacor and Electrolux appliances. I don't know anything about the Electrolux line. Does anyone know anything about these?

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  1. I have experience with Dacor ER36D range and Discovery oven when we remodeled three years ago. I now have an Electrolux oven and a Wolf DF range.
    I would proceed very cautiously with Dacor. When we received the range and oven both had huge pieces of the enamel coming off on the inside. They changed out the range panel and replaced the oven completely. When I started to cook with it the ovens didn't work right. They would preheat and when you opened the door to put anything in or wanted to change the temperature, the program that runs the elements had no ability to kick on the preheat to make up for heat loss. The Dacors I had, had an element that "oscillated" to maintain the temperature. It came on and off in short cycles. They admitted there was a problem with the way the board was programmed and they had fixed it. They sent out a new board for both. These came with a "bill " that I did not have to pay because it was in warranty, but the charge was around $1800 a piece. This of course did not fix anything. They then promised(This was at Thanksgiving and I had no working oven) another new oven the next week before Thanksgiving. This is the short version and entailed many calls to their service dept and they wouldn't return calls. There were also problems with the whole oven being crooked and they wanted pictures, which I emailed and they never bothered to look at. I called the distributor who also does the repairs and they knew nothing about an oven coming in. When I called Dacor they were very rude and said it was the holiday and everyone wanted their oven fixed and I could get in line. The kicker was on thanksgiving I had the knob on the range crack off in my hand. Pull them off and look at them-they are cheap. I finally got a hold of a supervisor and the dealer that I originally paid my money to and demanded that they refund my money. They (Dacor)finally agreed to buy them back and told me I was lucky my warranty wasn't out or I wouldn't be getting my money back. They said it would take awhile to process my refund and I would get my money in three weeks. I got it in six weeks and worried the whole time they would go out of business. I ran to the bank. Look at online reviews for their products.

    I love my Electrolux oven. Initially it had some problems with the enamel flaking but they quickly replaced the whole oven. No problems and it is so versatile. I have heard however that they have had problems with their refrigerators but I don't know much about that.

    I bought all different brands of appliances because each one was the best for my uses.

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      How did you get Electrolux to replace the oven??? I called about the enamel cracking and flaking away in the first year and they told me it was cosmetic. They refused to do anything about it. I was furious.

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        Maybe it was the imagery of glass shards flying around food with the convection fan on? Where did you buy it? I ask because I bought a range from sears that had cosmetic defect, a pit and sort of an extra piece on the enamel, on the front. It also had a faulty burner. When the guy(from Sears) came out he told me they would fix the burner and not the cosmetic defect, I produced the booklet that gave a one year warranty on everything for and he told me Sears buys some appliances without the manufacturers warranty and it was up to Sears if they wanted to honor it. At the time I was too busy taking care of my husbands parents and did not have time to pursue it. I actually called the company that sold the Electrolux oven to me to begin with and they sent a guy out who called E-lux. I think it helps to go directly to the person you gave your money to.

    2. I've had my Electrolux dishwasher for about 2 months--really like it, and no problems with it running at all.

      1. No one company makes the best of everything.

        I would set a budget. Then parcel it out by appliance and get the best in each category given your budget.

        Dacor is very popular with some designers. It is about looks not performance.

        Electrolux is good at somethings like Induction Cooktops and Wall ovens.

        Not that great at others.

        For an extensive discussion on appliances check out this forum.

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          A friend recently asked me about the Electrolux name vis-a-vis kitchen appliances and vacuum cleaners. She didn't know that the (rightfully respected) Electrolux vacuum cleaners were made by Aerus, who had the licensed use of the Electrolux name until 2002, at which point Aerus sold the rights back and the vacuums began to be sold under their own brand name instead. She "assumed" that the quality of the kitchen appliances would be at the same high level as that of her classic Electrolux vacuum cleaner. Not necessarily: great name recognition, but an entirely different manufacturer.

          I wonder how many appliance purchasers are mistakenly influenced by the quality and staying power of their mom's or grandmother's Electrolux-brand vacuum cleaner, LOL.

        2. What did you end up choosing and how is it working out for you?

          1. 30" Electrolux Icon Gas Range- That was my choice and I am very pleased. Full stainless exterior finish, convection oven w/ fantastic sliding oven racks, sealed gas burners in a ceramic cooktop,continuous grates and no frivolous electronics (don't look for a chicken nugget button on this range!) all for $2500-$3000. (See my original post under 'Gas Range w/out Exterior Exhaust?")

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              This same model I just received to day to replace a 3 year old Wave Touch dual fuel (see my post under "Would you buy a pro-style range again?"). Did not realize they use a ceramic surround around the burners. I supposed Electrolux regard this as an upgrade, but personally I hate maintaining smooth tops. Hopefully since you don't actually cook on them, keeping them clean will be easier.

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                We have the same set up on our Electrolux Icon 36" range top. We've had it about 9 months now and so far so good. since you don't cook on it, it doesn't get that hot so things don't burn on like they do a flat cook top. Seems to be easier to clean than stainless and it doesn't scratch like stainless, but it is a bit of work to keep it looking bright and shiney.

              2. re: pletty

                Pletty, are you still happy? I've rather decided on this one for our condo (the house has a Wolf but I'd rather not pay that much). I'd use a recirculating hood. What about cleaning, durability, performance? Any comments at this date gratefully accepted!

                1. re: palomalou

                  I realize this post is for pletty but I wanted to let you know that we remodeled our kitchen coming up on 4 years ago (I think?) and purchased all new Elextrolux appliances: built in range (gas is not an option where I live unfortunately), fridge and over the stove micro/hood. I have never been more pleased with a set of appliances! My stove top is a pain in the @ss to clean at times but for the most part it is not an issue, the convection oven is wonderful and turns out the best turkey I have ever made. The appliances in my kitchen look great and work so well that if and when gas is an option (hopefully soon the local gas co. will run lines closer to our home) we will go with an Electrolux gas range. Good luck!