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Sep 30, 2010 09:18 AM

Where can I purchase spanish chorizo in Fairfield County?

It seems to be easy to find mexican chorizo in Stop & Shop, but I would like some tasty spanish chorizo.

Do I have to order online? Is there really not a local supplier?

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  1. Balduccis/Hay Day usually stocks Palacios, but not the hot version

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    1. re: vegas

      This is not in Fairfield County, but if you are inclined to drive into Northern Westchester, I think that the Turco's in Yorktown Heights has been selling a hot version of Palacios.

    2. Whole foods has fresh chorizo. I don't know is it is Spanish or Mexican but it is flavored with cumin...As long as you are there pick up some marcona almonds and serve with the grilled chorizo. yummmm

      1. Are you looking for a dried slicing type, that you'd just cut and eat, or more of a sausage type to use in cooking?

        If the latter, Shop-rite in Stamford and Norwalk carries D'Artanian brand, which is great in soups, paella, etc.

        I have to say, i don't know of a really good source for a nice Cantimpalo or Palacio (?sp? on both) that you'd slice and eat like, say, a dried Italian soppresatta.

        1. Fairways in Stamford had 4 different varieties of Spanish Chorizo - right alongside the deli counter. Priced pretty well too.

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            none of the chorizo @ Fariway is actually from Spain, it is flavored with "paprika imported from Spain"

            Palacios is the only authentic spanish chorizo I have been able to find locally @ Balduccis

            1050 E Putnam Ave, Riverside, CT 06878

          2. Food Bazaar in Bridgeport CT across from Home Depot on Sylvan Avenue.