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Do you have a favorite rice recipe? Either brown or white rice, doesn't matter. Please post it. I posted my latest favorite.

This is my new favorite one I did it last night with the Ethiopian Berbere beef stew.

I found out about it on tv and have made it several times since. So good, so easy, no big deal. Just a really good flavored, to me and family at least, rice that is a nice change from the typical white boring rice. I would ask you to post whatever it is that you do to rice [either white or brown rice] we love either, that makes yours so good.
"Nice flavored Rice"
1 c white rice
1 T olive oil
1 T butter
*1/2 onion
2 stalks celery broken in half
1 serrano chili or jalepeno whole [poked]
1 clove garlic whole
2 cups good quality chicken stock/broth [I use Progresso]
1 T good quality lime juice
salt and pepper to taste

Soak the rice in water, squish around so water gets cloudy, dump out water and do again, 3 times. Last time let it soak in water 30 minutes, then dump out water. Butter and oil in sauce pan, let melt then add the drained rice. Stir to coat it all and when that's done, put in the broken celery, the whole garlic clove, the whole poked chili pepper, the half onion and gently stir. Now add your broth/stock and your lime juice 1/2 t pepper and 1 t salt, stir and cover for 15 minutes, turn off heat, let sit for 3 minutes. Retrieve the celery, garlic, onion, pepper and toss. Stir/fork to blend and serve.

**chopped or not
you decide if you want it to remain in your rice [or just the flavor from the 1/2 onion that imparts into the rice]
I chop fine and leave it in

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  1. This comes from my childhood in the '60's when ethnic food was very new to the MidWest, it remains my favorite. If you want it spicier, you can add Tabasco or hot sauce to the mixture to taste.

    Spanish Rice
    1 large yellow onion, diced
    1 large green pepper, diced
    1 16 oz can diced tomatoes, with juice
    1 tsp sugar
    2 tsp lemon juice
    1 cup ketchup
    s&p to taste
    1 cup long grain rice
    2 T canola oil

    Brown onions 5 min in large skillet, add diced green peppers, brown another 5 min. Add rice, stir well, brown 2-3 min. Add tomatoes & juice, 1 cup ketchup and additional 1 cup water. Ad sugar, stir well. Cover and simmer 15-20 min till rice is cooked, stirring several times.


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      now see Diane, Spanish or Mexican rice is really quite hard to get just right, sort of like a perfect mac and cheese. Thank for sharing, I'm a little spicey myself, but hubby is a little less than me, so I'll adjust, thanks for posting, I'll give 'er a try.... :)

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        I worked out making "yellow rice" with brown rice in the rice cooker. It comes out absolutely perfect every time. Serves 6 generously:

        Olive oil
        1 cup (8 ounces) tomato sauce
        1 can (14.5 ounce) gandules including liquid
        1/4 cup recaito
        15 green olives with pimento, sliced
        1 1/2 teaspoons salt
        1 teaspoon Spanish seasoning
        2 cups (16 ounces) brown rice
        Water to fill rice cooker up to the 1.0 liter mark

        Rub rice cooker pan with olive oil. Coat bottom of pan with a thin layer of oil. Add all ingredients except rice and water. Cover rice cooker, set “cook”, bring to boiling, and boil for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, rinse and drain rice. Add rice to cooker. Add water up to the 1.0 liter mark. Stir. Set to “cook”. After a while cooker will automatically switch to “warm”. Turn rice top-to-bottom in large sections using a wide serving spoon. Set to “cook” again. When cooker automatically switches to “warm” check rice for tenderness. If tough, add a little water and continue cooking until tender.

        Hope you like it!

        1. re: Mrs Shoutfire

          Mrs SF. The only suggestion is for you to come live with us please :)
          recaito and gandules (?)
          if I can get to Puerto Rico I can go to Publix otherwise for those ingredients Edmonton Canada has a supermarket in their "Worlds largest Mall" that is only Asian and huge. I have frequently walked through that produce section wondering what all those odd veggie types were. Second thought, just move in. Your recipes sounds delicious.

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          I found the easiest way to make Spanish/Mexican rice so it came out right spicey-wise was to pick a salsa everyone likes and use that to replace part of the liquid and all the veggies in the dish. Works every time.

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            more detailed please, like measurements, thank you

      2. I'm a riceaholic, my latest addiction: http://www.food.com/recipe/zarelas-fa...
        I use basmati rice and do not bake, just serve as soon as the sour cream & cheese are added.

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          I would imagine anything Mr. Sanchez makes would be divine. But I'll pass on the corn part looks wonderful without

        2. This only works if you love cilantro...Robert Lauriston's Cilantro Rice:


          IL Divo: How was the Ethiopian stew? Tried Ethiopian for first time visiting my son in San Fran in June...LOVED it!!! Restaurant made their own berbere paste and server was so impressed when my son requested it along with our meal. Can you post recipe, please? Thanks!

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          1. re: Val

            this cilantro rice was the 1st thing that came to mind, so addictive, I love it! Been making it ever since it was 1st posted!
            I also enjoy this wild rice salad http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/pa...

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              Val or pamd: OK, I just made the cilantro rice & got a pretty heavy hit of raw onion. I did it in the blender (which didn't chop it very finely), and wonder if I should have used something else - does your cilantro mixture end up as a puree or as a dice?

              1. re: THewat

                @THewat, definitely a puree....hmmm, what kind of onion did you use? I always use just plain old yellow and then, of course, the recipe also calls for green scallions. I suppose you could cut back the amount of onion next time. Sometimes if there isn't enough liquid, I'll add some more lime juice, that might help you also so that it's more liquidy. Hopefully pamd will also chime in.

                1. re: Val

                  Thanks Val - that's what I figured. I opted for the blender because the post specifies "blender" and because I was too lazy to pull out the Cuisinart, which I think would have done a better job. I'm sure a puree would have dulled the raw onion experience - I also used plain old yellow, but when I'm eating it in a dice, as I was, I would have preferred a sweet. (Feeling a little foolish for adding to the rice to spite my instinct to puree further. Oh well.)

            2. re: Val

              I posted recipe and did critique on the recipe.
              It's posted on the Berbere thread.

              1. re: Val

                so today we are out of a couple of things, coffee cream for the hubster is one of them.
                so while I'm getting the cream, see where I'm going with this? cilantro, here I come.
                just read the recipe and it will be so special.
                thanks for posting.
                for dinner I'm doing beef milanese sort of the Gaucho Grill version, so the rice will be real nice with it. thanks for posting.

                1. re: iL Divo

                  Dinner is ready and I've tasted the rice. It's good,
                  I'm not sure how my husband will receive it. But will soon find out.
                  Along with it for another side, I made a pea puree. I do know how he'll like that. Having never made it before although I have done other veg purees, I like the way it turned out, Very good and tasty.

              2. Epicurious actually has a pretty cool "favorite rice recipes" section:

                one of my favorite savory preparations is ridiculously simple and delicious - cook brown rice in mushroom broth and toss with Japanese furikake seasoning, sliced scallions, and a dash each of tamari sauce and toasted sesame oil. if you like heat, you can also add a squirt of sriracha or a pinch of shichimi togarashi.

                and i somehow forgot to try this dish that fellow CHer Spot posted about last year:

                *note to self, once this darned heat wave breaks, get on it!

                or for a sweet & healthy treat, Figgy Rice Pudding:

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                  The brown rice with mushroom broth, etc., sounds devine! I forgot how much I like all of those ingredients. Will be making this often in the Fall for sure. With a poached egg perhaps, or roasted vegetables. Thanks!

                2. This is one I make frequently to go with various Indian meals.

                  Fragrant Rice

                  1 1/2 TBS BUTTER
                  PINCH CUMIN SEEDS
                  1/4 TSP GREEN CARDAMOM SEEDS
                  2 BAY LEAVES
                  3 - 4 CLOVES
                  1/8 TSP TURMERIC
                  1/2 TSP SALT
                  1/2 KNORR’S CHICKEN BOUILLON CUBE

                  1 CUP BASMATI RICE
                  2 CUPS WATER - LESS 2 TBS

                  MELT BUTTER


                  COVER AND REDUCE HEAT TO LOW
                  COOK FOR 20 MINUTES


                  1. Cook rice in rice cooker.

                    When rice is done cooking and is on the "stay warm" function, throw in chopped veggies of your choice (I like quartered eggplants, squash, chopped tomatoes, and some sweet potatoes) and top with a cracked egg, or two.

                    Close the rice cooker lid and let it sit on the "stay warm" function with the veggies and egg for about 5 minutes, or until the egg white sets but the yolk is still runny.

                    Remove from rice cooker onto plate and mix everything together, then top with Sriracha sauce.

                    (Or, if you prefer, eat it straight from the removable rice cooker bowl. One less thing to wash. Win, win.)

                    1. I figure there would be previous posts about fried rice with Chinese sausage but don’t seem to find one during the search, however, this is one recipe that is an all time favorite among our family and friends. This one was made quite by accident. I stayed at my brother’s home for a few days and we had quite a bit of white rice left prior the nights before. With this much leftover rice, I decided to make fried rice with whatever ingredients he had in the house.

                      The initial steps, we all do in our family in preparing the rice for frying, is to cool the rice down, generally, overnight in the refrigerator to separate the starch, then fry the rice in a very hot wok with just a few eggs scrambled into the rice and let it cool down to room temperature.

                      For the ingredients, I diced up a few Chinese sausages since I couldn’t find any other meat, along with diced yellow onions, green onions, bean sprouts and julienne lettuce. I don’t have a ratio of these ingredients, generally I just eyeball the rice to determine how much of the ingredients I need.

                      In a hot wok, heat up some oil (I prefer peanut oil) and put in the Chinese sausages, stir until translucent, add in the yellow onions, stir until translucent, add the rice fried with eggs, continue stirring while adding soy sauce and salt to taste. When rice is nicely light brown, about 5 minutes or less depending on the heat of the wok, add green onions, stir another 15-20 seconds, add bean sprouts and lettuce, stir for about 10 seconds and serve.

                      I had cooked a large amount of the fried rice and put in on the counter with other foods just in case friends were dropping by. One of my nephew’s friend dropped by and since I knew he was basically a meat and potato man, I didn’t paid much attention to what he was eating, however, within a half an hour, I saw that he had finished 2/3 of the rice. I was amazed he could put away so much and he told me he had never had such great fried rice and what were the ingredients that gave it that great taste and I told him that it is the Chinese sausages greatly contributes the flavor. Since then, I always to make this rice at family gatherings and especially when my nephew’s friend is also present,

                      The other rice dish I make which is well-liked in my family is the traditional sticky rice, with Chinese sausages, lop yok (Chinese air dried pork belly), mushrooms, etc. but that’s another recipe for another time.

                      1. Maze gohan (mixed rice also known as okowa). This is made with mochigome. My mom sometimes adds some regular rice to the mix. The rice is steamed with carrots, shiitake, bamboo shoots and thinly sliced beef seasoned with soy, sugar and sake. Here's a similar recipe.

                        1. plain rice with saffron is great with something simple like stir fried snow peas in butter and oyster sauce and a pork tender

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                            well I have plain rice, saffron and show peas and butter and oyster sauce and pork, I think I'm there.......... :)

                          2. did this tonight, son and wife out to dinner for a date, we had little ones.

                            3/4 cup white rice
                            1/4 cup any dry noodle, I used spaghetti
                            2 T butter
                            1 T olive oil
                            Saute the rice and noodles in melted butter and oil until grain and noodles are light brown. Stir to coat all, then add 2 t garlic powder, 2 cup water, /1/4 t poultry seasoning, 1 chicken bouillon cube, several grinds of pepper. Stir and put lid on, cook on low 17 minutes.
                            Take off lid, fluff, add 2 T more butter and 1/4-1/2 cup parmesan cheese, stir...

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                              I also make rice similar to rice a roni or Lebanese rice. I posted a recipe for the Texas steakhouse seasoned rice about a month ago on chowhound. For fried rice I made basmanti rice and mixed it with Birds Eyes chopped oriental seasoned vegetables which was very good..

                              1. re: iL Divo

                                Armenian pilaf, which I do whenever I have the slightest excuse to, is like unto this, and is in fact the original of Rice-A-Roni:

                                1 cup crushed vermicelli
                                2 Tbs butter
                                cayenne to taste, salt & black pepper
                                1 cup rice
                                2 cups chicken broth

                                Melt butter in sturdy 3-qt. saucepan. Put in crushed pasta, cayenne and seasonings. Cook and stir over high heat until pasta is golden and getting darker. Add rice, cook and stir until all the grains are chalky white. Dump liquid in ALL AT ONCE - if you just trickle it in it'll boil over, but pouring it all in at once keeps the temperature down. Stir vigorously, clamp on the lid and reduce heat to a bare simmer. Keep simmering for about 25 minutes, then remove to a warming tray. After an additional 5-10 minutes, fluff with a fork, and serve when ready. Excellent with lamb chops and broiled tomatoes.

                                1. re: Will Owen

                                  my best girlfriends mom taught me how to make this rice, sans the the cayenne but with a bit of lemon juice.
                                  for sure, one of our favorites, loved being in their Armenian home, the smells were so special

                              2. i like to crumble some dried chilies into my brown rice as it cooks, normally chipotles, and then combine it with some black beans that i simmered with chipotles in adobo sauce, diced onion, garlic, cumin, salt, and pepper. i dont really measure it but if your kitchen doesnt smell like smoky goodness, you havent used enough spices haha

                                1. In his book 660 curries, Raghavan Iyer provides some wonderful rice recipes. My favorite is probably yogurt rice, though it's an acquired taste.

                                  1 cup basmati rice
                                  2 cups whisked yogurt
                                  1 1/2 teaspoons kosher or sea salt
                                  2 tablespoons canola oil
                                  1 teaspoon black or yellow mustard seeds
                                  1 tablespoon skinned split black lentils (urad dal)
                                  2 tablespoons chopped cilantro
                                  12 to 15 medium to large curry leaves (hardest ingredient to come by, but essential)
                                  3 to 5 hot chilis cut crosswise into 1/4 inch thick slices


                                  Cook the basmati rice. (Iyer provides a specific procedure for this. I find that my Zojirushi rice cooker does a good job.)

                                  Whisk the yogurt and salt.

                                  In a skillet over medium-high heat, fry the mustard seeds until they all pop, about 30 seconds. Add the lentils until they turn golden-brown, about 15-20 seconds. Remove from heat, throw in the cilantro, curry leaves, and chilis. Scrape into the yogurt.

                                  Mix yogurt and rice, being careful not to break the grains.

                                  (note: this dish is best at room temperature)

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                                  1. re: sushigirlie

                                    I'm surprised to see yellow mustard seeds as a substitute for the black. Personally I wouldn't make that substitution - if you can't find the black (or brown, I can't tell the difference in taste between the black and brown) I would just leave it out.

                                    I wonder if that's a substitution made because it can be so difficult to find the black mustard seeds outside of an Indian grocery. But honestly, if you can find the curry leaves, you should be able to find the proper mustard seeds.

                                    1. re: ZenSojourner

                                      I wouldn't really know: I've never cooked with yellow mustard seeds, only black. But it does seem to me that yellow mustard seeds may be inappropriate. In the ingredients appendix, Iyer describes yellow mustard seeds as an "acceptable alternative" to the black and brown mustard seeds widely used in Indian cooking.

                                      1. re: sushigirlie

                                        Weird! They taste so different! I used yellow mustard seed ONE time and one time only - back when I first started cooking for my ex. He took one bite of that brontosaurus curry and asked me what the heck I'd put in it!

                                        Ok, I be facetious just a wee bit. It was Tyrannosaurus Samosa.

                                        Seriously he noticed right away. I didn't know there were different kinds of mustard seeds before that. Hey, I was all of 19, LOL! Mustard is yellow, mustard oil is yellow, so clearly - CLEARLY - mustard seeds should only come in yellow.

                                  2. I have several actually. I'll list them separately. First is a lamb biryani recipe. I first cooked this in about 1980. I'm not sure who I got the original recipe from but I did make some minor modifications to ingredients and prep. This is a delicately flavored dish. Sometimes I cook it with ginger, sometimes without. It's very different with the ginger and the saffron is easily overpowered, so don't go nuts with the ginger if you decide to use it.

                                    Lamb Keema Biryani

                                    Parboil rice:
                                    • 2 c water
                                    • 2 c basmati rice

                                    Saffron mixture:
                                    • 1/8 to 1/4 tsp saffron or about 6 threads
                                    • 3 T boiling water

                                    Temper spices/onion:
                                    Step 1:
                                    • 1/4 c veg. oil
                                    • 1/4 tsp cumin seeds
                                    • 1 tsp finely grated ginger (optional)
                                    • 1/2 c finely chopped onions
                                    Step 2:
                                    • 1/2 tsp ground cumin
                                    • 1/2 tsp turmeric
                                    • 1 tsp salt

                                    Lamb mixture:
                                    • 1 lb lean ground lamb
                                    • 1/4 c cilantro, chopped

                                    For Rice mixture:
                                    • 1/4 c ghee
                                    • 1/2 tsp fennel seeds
                                    • Saffron mixture from above
                                    • 1 1/2 c mild chicken stock. If you don't have fresh, DO NOT used canned. Use boullion cubes. Yes, I'm deadly serious.

                                    Garnish – 2 T chopped coriander

                                    Parboil rice:
                                    1. Bring 2 cups of water to a boil in a heavy saucepan.
                                    2. Add rice and simmer for 10 minutes.
                                    3. Drain and set aside.

                                    Prepare Saffron mixture:
                                    1. Heat 3 T water in a small microwave proof glass bowl or cup.
                                    2. Drop the saffron threads in and let soak for at least 10 minutes.

                                    Prepare lamb:
                                    1. In a heavy skillet, brown the lamb, stirring frequently to break it up.
                                    2. Drain off the excess oil. Put the lamb in a bowl.
                                    3. If the lamb still clumped up, take a pastry blender and break it up until it's fairly finely minced.
                                    4. Stir in the chopped coriander
                                    5. Set aside.

                                    Temper cumin/onions:
                                    Step 1:
                                    1. Heat 1/4 cup of oil over a medium high heat until a drop of water flicked into it splutters instantly.
                                    2. Add the cumin seeds and fry until they just start to brown.
                                    3. Add onions and ginger (if you're using it) and stir for a few minutes until the onions soften and turn transparent.
                                    Step 2:
                                    4. Add the ground cumin and turmeric, stir for a minute or two.
                                    5. Add the cooked lamb and stir well to coat with the cooked spices.
                                    6. Set aside.

                                    Prepare rice mixture:
                                    1. Heat 1/4 c of ghee in a heavy 3- to 4-quart oven and stove-top safe casserole, preferably one with a good lid. (If no lid or if the lid is very loose, you can cover with foil and crimp it closed before baking).
                                    2. Stir in the fennel seeds and parboiled rice and stir to coat well.
                                    3. Take the casserole off the heat.
                                    4. Pour the saffron and soaking liquid into the bowl and stir well to distribute evenly.

                                    Prepare the casserole:
                                    Layer the casserole as follows.
                                    1. Remove about 2/3rds of the rice mixture and set aside in a bowl.
                                    2. Spread the remaining rice evenly over the bottom of the casserole.
                                    3. Next layer is about 1/2 of the lamb.
                                    4. Spread half the remaining rice over the lamb
                                    5. Add the remaining lamb as the next layer.
                                    6. The final layer is the remaining rice mixture.

                                    Prepare chicken stock:
                                    1. Bring chicken stock to a boil
                                    2. Pouring it along the sides of the casserole so as not to wash out the saffron.

                                    Finish it off!
                                    1. Cover the casserole with foil. Crimp to hold in place.
                                    2. If there is a lid, set that on top of the foil to help secure it.
                                    3. Bake in the middle of the oven at 350 F for 25 to 30 minutes, until the rice has absorbed the stock.
                                    4. Fluff
                                    5. Garnish with some extra chopped cilantro sprinkled over the top.
                                    6. Serve.

                                    1. Chicken Biryani

                                      • 1 C unflavored yoghurt
                                      • 1 T Ginger paste
                                      • 1 - 2 tsp garlic, minced
                                      • 2 to 3 whole green chilis, minced
                                      • 1.5 tsp turmeric powder
                                      • 1 tsp cumin powder
                                      • 1 tsp coriander powder
                                      • 1 T garam masala
                                      • 1 tsp ground cardamom
                                      • 2 tsp ground red chili (NOT chile powder)
                                      • 1 tsp salt
                                      • 2 chicken breasts or 4 thighs, boned and skinned, cut in 2" chunks

                                      1. Mix the yoghurt and spices together. Blend well.
                                      2. Add chicken and stir well to thoroughly coat with marinade.
                                      3. Marinate the chicken for at least 3 to 4 hours in the fridge.

                                      Saffron mixture:
                                      • Heat 1/4c of water to a boil in a microwave proof bowl.
                                      • Add a pinch of saffron (1/8th to ¼ tsp) or about 6 threads
                                      • Let soak 10 to 15 minutes.

                                      Parboil rice:
                                      • 2 c water
                                      • 2 c long-grain white rice, preferably basmati or jasmine

                                      1. Bring 2 c of water to a rolling boil.
                                      2. Pour rice in, stirring constantly.
                                      3. Reduce heat to medium and cook for 10 minutes, then drain.

                                      Temper cumin/onion:
                                      • 2 T oil
                                      • 1/2 tsp cumin seed
                                      • 1 large onion, sliced

                                      1. Heat about 2 T of oil in a heavy sauce pan ‘til a drop of water sputters.
                                      2. Add 1/2 tsp of cumin seeds and fry til they just start to brown.
                                      3. Add the onions and brown them, or cook just to transparency (according to taste).
                                      4. Add the marinated chicken and cook, covered, over low-med heat for about 10 minutes
                                      5. Stir every couple of minutes. Crack the lid a little to keep from getting soggy.
                                      6. Remove from heat and set aside.

                                      Rice mixture:
                                      • 1/4c ghee or melted butter
                                      • the drained parboiled rice
                                      • the saffron/water
                                      • 4 C water or light chicken stock, brought to a boil

                                      1. Stir the ghee or melted butter into the drained, parboiled rice and stir until the rice is well coated.
                                      2. Stir in the saffron/water. Stir WELL to distribute evenly through the casserole.

                                      Prepare the casserole:
                                      1. Layer about 1/3rd of the rice into the bottom of a large casserole dish.
                                      2. Add about half the chicken.
                                      3. Put another layer of rice, about half of what’s left.
                                      4. Then the other half of the chicken
                                      5. Then the rest of the rice.
                                      6. Pour the boiling water/stock into the casserole dish, carefully, around the sides of the casserole so you don't disturb the layers or wash all the saffron down to the bottom.
                                      7. Cover and bake at about 350 F for about 25 to 30 minutes, until the water is all absorbed into the rice.

                                      1. Sprinkle with carmelized onions OR chopped cilantro OR roast cashews and/or raisins
                                      2. Serve.

                                      1. Palu Pasayam (Kheer – rice pudding)

                                        Notes: This is one dish where I prefer NOT to use a flavored rice such as Basmati or Jasmine. YMMV.

                                        Also I find it easiest to make this in a nonstick saucepan. For some reason I have fewer problems with the milk scorching. It may leave some cooked to the side of the pan, but it takes more screwing up to make it actually scorch, and the stuck stuff (if any) wipes right out to clean.

                                        An alternate method is to soak the rice for about 30 minutes, drain well, heat about 2T - 4T ghee in a heavy fry pan, stir in the rice and fry until it starts to turn translucent. I don't remember how long that takes. I usually just parboil it as below.

                                        If you use whole green cardamom pods "crushed" means just sort of squashed to open the pods up, not actually crushed to where bits are falling out.

                                        Parboil rice:
                                        • ½ c long or medium grain rice
                                        • 2 c water

                                        1. Boil rice in water for 5 or 6 minutes.
                                        2. Drain and set aside.

                                        Bring to a low boil
                                        Part 1:
                                        • 2 qt whole milk
                                        • Drained, parboiled rice from above
                                        Part 2:
                                        • 1 c sugar
                                        • 3 to 4 crushed cardamom pods or 1 tsp gr. cardamom
                                        • 1 T rose water (optional)
                                        • 1/4c golden raisins (can use regular raisins)
                                        • 1/4c unsalted cashew pieces or almond slivers/slices (optional)

                                        PART 1:
                                        1. Bring milk to a very low boil and IMMEDIATELY reduce the heat to a bare simmer. DO NOT LET come to a full rolling boil because it will foam up and make a horrible horrible mess.
                                        2. Add the drained parboiled rice.
                                        3. Turn up the heat just enough to bring it back up to the low simmer.
                                        4. Immediately it starts to steam and form tiny bubbles (low simmer), turn to a low heat, just enough to barely simmer with the lid off. By barely simmer I mean it forms very small bubbles very slowly and steams gently.
                                        5. Stir frequently – otherwise it will stick and burn. If it give any sign of foaming up the heat is TOO HIGH!
                                        6. Cook at a very low heat for about an hour, to reduce and thicken.
                                        7. As it gets closer to the end it will require closer watching and more frequent stirring so it doesn’t scorch and stick.

                                        PART 2:
                                        1. When the milk is reduce by about half, add sugar from part 2 above
                                        2. If using cardamom pods, add now.
                                        3. Cook about another 5 minutes, stirring frequently, to dissolve the sugar
                                        4. Add remaining ingredients. If using ground cardamom, add it now.
                                        5. Remove from heat
                                        6. Chill.

                                        1. Super appealing use for leftover rice: 2 cups cooked rice, one egg, 1/6 cup plain greek yogurt, 1/3 teaspoon salt, 1/3 tablespoon vegetable oil, dab of butter - 1/2 teaspoon? Whisk egg & yogurt until smooth. Stir in rice & season with salt to taste. Heat cast iron skillet over high heat & add oil & butter. When the butter browns, drop in 1/2-cup scoops of rice & cook until the bottoms brown, about 6 minutes. Place pan in 350 oven & bake for 10 minutes. The bottoms should have a beautiful crust & tops should be soft. Serve immediately, crust side up. Bastardized from Spice by Sortun.

                                          1. love rice, all kinds, a favorite aside from jasmine rice just plain, would be yellow rice and red rice made with chicken broth. Gee brown rice, oh and wild rice too. Then of course I make fried rice all the time, which is the perfect meal for leftovers. This is not a fair question.

                                            The jasmine rice, 2 cups water 1 cup rice, hard boil, then lower the heat, then turn it off. keep it covered.
                                            Yellow rice, I saute the rice in butter and a little olive oil and oils, scallions and garlic.
                                            Add fresh tomatoes a couple of romas seeds out. ADD 1 can of chicken broth and 1/3 cup water. cover 20 mins. In a seperate pan,saute green and red peppers, and scallops or shrimp (chicken works too) white onion, and add to the pan of rice toss, and heat for another 10 mins.

                                            1. Does sushi rice count? I love the sweet vinegary stuff @ room temperature made into inarizushi.

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                                              1. re: blue room

                                                I love the addtion of sushi rice to a meal.
                                                Watching a show on the foodnetwork had a guy on that was tauted as being the best anywhere when it came to sushi rice.
                                                Trying to remember what he'd done one night, I simple dumped sugar and rice vinegar in to the mix of water and rice. Gad it was good

                                                1. re: iL Divo

                                                  You mean the sugar and vinegar was added *before* cooking?

                                                  1. re: blue room

                                                    No I did the rice and water plus a bit salt and cooked 2/3rds of the way until done then added the rice vinegar and 2 T raw sugar in and gave a quick stir, lid back on and when done, it was kinda funny looking as it seemed to mold itself in a giant lump in the middle which quickly went away when I stirred it. Delicious.

                                                    Report: I did end up dumping the cilantro rice. After 2 tastings of it before dinner, I decided it wasn't to my taste. Live and learn but am sure it's wonderful, Ended up making the typical Armenian version of rice, always a good additive. Thanks whoever posted though, always worth a try. If I'd have posted the pea puree recipe from last night, and anyone would have tried it, it might not be their particular flavor either. You just never know that's the fun of cooking. Experiment............