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Sep 30, 2010 08:50 AM

Neat -- or Stupid-- Food & Food Props for Halloween

Here is a start: "The Scream" ice cubes:

gin and "titonic" ice tray with ocean liner and iceberg ice moids:

synthetic blood "energy drink"

scary spirit gelatin:

pond worms in slime:

the green gelatin brain:

skull on a stick cookies:

halloween haunted house (gingerbread molds):

a bunch of stuff:

oreo spider cookies:

ok, enough about me. whatcha got?

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  1. I've actually been debating doing my own take on the "box of horrors" that were popular when I was young, but instead of spaghetti, mashed jello and peeled grapes, serving fried lamb brains with curried yogurt, braised tripe and chorizo with chickpeas and something else. I've not thought of the appropriate substitute for eyes.

    The punch bowl, however, will still sit in a bubbling pool of dry ice.

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    1. re: JungMann

      I'm sorry Mr. Mann...I won't be able to make it to your dinner party.

    2. I always liked the "old-school", cheapster's Halloween punch bowl tricks: freezing water in two latex gloves and an aluminum foil mold of your face, then floating them in the punch to make it look like ghost in your punch bowl.

      I haven't seen that one in ages, though!

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      1. re: yfunk3

        that sounds great!

        i saw somewhere that you can get a jello mold made of your face. a kid said, "oh it looks like i'm eating my own face." uh....yep!

        it's called "eat yer face" and here is its creator: he wrote the "special effects cookbook."

        in the kit: "Mom always said the best gift is the gift of one's self. So I created the ultimate in personalized gifts - an easy and safe way to cast your face in gelatin and serve it up on a platter at your next party or special occasion. It's guaranteed to be the hit of your Halloween celebration."
        Edible gelatin molds can be made from other body parts.
        Each kit contains enough material for two small children's faces or one adult face. Each mold can be used over and over again for different occasions throughout the year if kept sealed in a ziplock bag and stored in the refrigerator."

        1. re: alkapal

          If you use tonic water to make the jello (in place of plain water), the jello will glow under black light. Although the tonic water is a little bitter so it might affect the taste.

          The green colored jello flavors work well for this.

          1. re: pamf

            glows from the quinine, huh? does that explain how i look after a couple of g&ts? ;-).

      2. For dessert to feed a big crowd, try Kitty Litter Cake. It's not my recipe, so I won't post it here, but just Google it and you'll see plenty of recipes and pictures. I've made it a couple of times, once for a potluck at work, once for a large party, and it was the star attraction. And in spite of the fact that's it's made from nothing but mixes and packaged cookies, it actually tastes pretty good!

        1. For the non-edible food props...Martha Stewart used to put a fennel bulb in water with red food coloring...looked like a heart in a lab jar.

          1. I just had fresh longans for the first time. Much more like eyeballs than olives. They are called Dragons' eyes in Chinese.

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            1. re: calliope_nh

              oh...yeah! those are eyeball-ish. maybe jung mann can include these in his gross-out menu.