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Sep 30, 2010 08:09 AM

Calling all Degustation pros / fans....

Got a rez for tonight: birthday dinner.

We were pretty set for doing the 5 course tasting menu, as 10 courses just sounds excessive, and I'm not sure I want to feel like passing out after dinner if ya catch my drift. City life and all, we might wanna grab a few drinks afterwards.

My question (having noticed the foie gras dish) is whether one has any 'control' over the dishes they choose, or do you just eat what is served? This is even more important given that we'd have to eat the same thing if we opt for the tasting menu.

Should the most 'recent' thread (2008!) stlll be valid two years later, would we really be able to order 5 courses รก la carte and still not pay through the roof for it?

Anywhos - any thoughts or comments would be very much appreciated.

239 E 5th St, New York, NY 10003

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  1. i would do the 10 course tasting, the portions are very small. i was just barely full after it. it felt like i just ate 2 slices of pizza . the chefs are right there so you have some control. for example the wagyu cheesesteak I was able to request it bloody rare. i also remember my dad telling them he did not like crudos so they substituted it for a squid ink risotto. But unless you really don't like something I would go with what they give. if you're into wine bars i think bar veloce is a good place to hit up afterwards. i'd easily be able to do a nutella panini after a 10 course tasting at degustation. oink oink

    1. You can certainly request a dish to be included if you wish. Some complain the 5 course isn't filling, though.

      They do have a web site now, with menus & prices:

      1. You should have the 10-course, and if you notice a particular dish on the a la carte that interests you ask if it is part of the 10-course, if not they may agree to substitute. Alternatively you could order 5 or 6 dishes per person (the portion sizes of the a la carte are mostly larger than on the tasting) and share the dishes. We did this on our last visit, as we have had the 10- course several times, and we really enjoyed it. We skipped dessert, were quite stuffed, and spent a bit less than we did for the 10-course.

        1. Go for the 10 course. They have always asked us if there is anything we don't care for. My husband and I agree to try anything they put in front of us and are never disappointed (even with sweetbreads). Even if you hate it, its only one or two bites and you move on to the next surprise. LOVE LOVE LOVE Degustation.

          1. Yah, I'm pretty much decided on the 10 course menu. I'd LOVE the foie gras dish, and I also wonder if one can ask for more savory than sweet dishes (tho i realize that would be the case anyway, but neither one of us are crazy about dessert). Since both of us would HAVE to do the 10 course tasting, there is probably no leeway with one person getting more or less dessert-y dishes.

            I am def excited.

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            1. re: linguafood

              last time i went there were only 2 dessert courses out of the 10 and they were awesome. i believe the 5 course has only one. i still see one of them on the menu the carmelized torija which is a soaked brioche that's carmelized, it's delicious! (i feel the citrus fruit it comes with though, is out of place).

              1. re: daffyduck

                My girlfriend and I loved the way the citrus fruits provided a tart contrast to the sweet dessert, and we thought it was one of the best courses when we had it over a year and a half ago.

                1. re: Pan

                  i'm not the biggest fan of tart things, when i had that dessert i just kept thinking why would they put this if they could put more brioche or maybe ice cream haha.