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Sep 30, 2010 07:24 AM

Where is your Favorite... Salad in LA?

Hello everyone... I love rich food but, well, there are times when you got to order something healthier (even if it's marginally healthier). I realize this post isn't going to get as much traction as exilekiss's burgerextravaganza review and I don't foresee the Travel Channel doing 30 minutes on "Extreme Salads" or Adam Richman taking on some type of "10 pound o' greens challenge." I also don't see the Food Network doing the "best thing I ever ate" salad edition (well, I suppose I could see that... they're getting desperate for topics...).

My wife loves salads and I'm learning to love them more and more. My current favorite salad in LA is the calamari salad at Asia de Cuba. This salad has crispy calamari (the marginally healthier part of this salad), chayote, hearts of palm, banana, cashews, chicory, radicchio and a sesame orange dressing.

I'd like to hear where you go and what you order when you want a great salad. While, ideally, I'd love it if it you could suggest an entree sized salad, but smaller creative dinner salads also count. I'd like to find salads other than the traditional wedges with blue cheese or Caesar salads (but hey, if that's your favorite, let me know).

Also, if you know of a great salad bar, I've love to hear it. I'd prefer restaurant suggestions rather than supermarket suggestions. Oh, and, yes I've heard of Sizzler and Souplantation, so no need to mention those.

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  1. Best salad bar in LA is Fogo de Chow in Beverly Hills. It has over 30 items. It's a feast of gourmet salads, fresh vegetables, imported cheeses, artisan breads, cured meats and more including
    24 Month, Aged Parmesan, Aged Manchego Cheese, Prosciutto, Brazilian Hearts of Palm,
    Artichoke Bottoms Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, Smoked Salmon,Italian Salami, Jumbo AsparagusTabbouleh, Shitake Mushrooms.

    Plus you get all those great Brazilian meats as your main course and this year they are part of Dine LA week.
    And yes you can order just the salad bar.

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    1. re: wienermobile

      but if you are intending to order just the salad bar, the regular price for salad bar only is cheaper than the Restalurant Week DineLA menu.

      (i.e. $24..50 for lunch instead of $28)
      ($28.50 for dinner instead of $44)

      1. re: wienermobile

        I was going to post this as well. Fogo's salad bar is through-the-roof amazing.

        1. re: HastaLaPasta

          Yeah, I forgot about Fogo. It's spectacular(ly expensive). However, whenever you can go to town on a wheel of aged parm reg, it's worth it.

          1. re: DrBruin

            During DineLA dinner at Fogo is $44! (instead of $56)

      2. Chinese chicken salad from Feast from the East (on westwood blvd). havent been there in a few years but i remember it being pretty good salad..

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        1. re: samtron608

          Went a couple of months ago and it was still excellent... Although we prefer the one at Tender Greens better...


          Tender Greens
          9523 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

        2. I think Cafe Pinot offers some great salad choices during lunch. Even if the their menu selections don't entice, ask for the salads of the day (which is usu. part of their Spa menu) and is generally very interesting.

          And I think the potato salad at Porta Via Foods in Pasadena is like a Oxycontin and Vicodin cocktail tonic for a cancer patient. (Does potato salad count as "salad"? Who cares, it's so good, you won't ponder the question too long.)

          Cafe Pinot
          700 West Fifth St., Los Angeles, CA 90071

          Porta Via
          424 N. Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

          1. Chopped salad at La Scala (and Presto).
            Chopped salad with chicken at Zabies
            Gorgonzola with Walnuts salad at Fritto Misto
            Chinese Chicken salad at Chinois
            Steak Salad at Chaya Venice
            Chef Salad at Nate n Als
            Cobb Salad at Daily Grill

            Those are my favorites, anyway. Not very gourmet, but yummy.

            Fritto Misto
            601 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401

            3003 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405

            1. I don't have a favorite salad, but I just thought it would be hilarious if Adam Richman did a salad challenge. And why not... his heart and colon could probably use the break from all the insanely hot and insanely large meals.

              Just to add to the salad conversation, I like the herring salad at Church & State, but haven't been back recently, and I actually wouldn't call it my favorite... it's just the only noticeable one that comes to mind.

              Church & State
              1850 Industrial Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021

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              1. re: andytseng

                Unfortunately, Richman will probably die before then.... but he'll film it and call it Man vs Coronary Artery Disease, or Man V. CAD for those in the know. ;)