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Sep 30, 2010 07:19 AM

Need CRAZY EASY recipes for ethnic food

I would love to get your really simple recipes to make any kind of ethnic food. I am especially looking for those recipes that take full advantage of the canned and jarred stuff that you can buy in the ethnic aisles at the grocery store. For instance, the canned chipotles or adobo, the mojo criollo marinade, vegeta, Indian seasonings. What recipes do you have that are simple and easy to make? Thanks.

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  1. I use Shan brand masalas, but only about half of the amt of the masala the recipe on the boxes call for. Then I basically freshen it up with fresh herbs and fresh garlic/ginger.

    I'm a big maesri brand red curry paste endorser. Again, freshen it up with garlic / ginger, onion, lime juice.

    Marinate chicken parts for a good 8 hours in the mojo criollo, and then smoke it. Squeeze of lime. How easy is that?

    I've been planning on trying the different brands of jarred Indian "simmer sauces," but I have a gut feeling that most of them are just horrible.

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      The Patak's simmer sauces aren't that great, but their tandoori masala is actually pretty decent. All you need is yogurt, lemon juice and chicken and you're good to go.

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        lol - I've been sitting on a little red jar of Patak's "tikka masala" paste for a while now. This might nudge me to give it a whirl tomorrow. I did try their Hot Vindaloo paste before, and it grew on me, but I didn't replace it when it was used up

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          I use the Patak's biriyani paste for my chicken biriyani. I don't follow the directions on the bottle, but the flavors are spot on. I also use the Shan Masalas, but they are quite spicy so keep that in mind. I use about 1/2 box at a time otherwise my kids have a hard time eating it,. We like the Kofta Curry, Malay Biriyani, Bombay Biriyani, and Karahi Chicken masalas.

      2. You know, a good go-to is TJ's Green Thai curry sauce: braise browned chicken in it and serve with basmati rice w/ toasted nuts and currants or raisins. Good stuff. I also like a lot of Goya products, and their website's full of recipes.


          a lot of the recipes on here are made with bought pastes and sauces; she gives lots of tips on which are the tastiest and most "authentic" brands. Good tip from gordeaux to add fresh herbs and spices to jazz things up. also unusual vegetables, like apple aubergines, make things more interesting whilst being super-easy to cook.

          1. what about making a perfect instant noodles? I'm serious... When i got home at midnight and felt hungry, I often stuffed myself with instant noodles. Life was plain and pale and I began to add some "colors " to my instant noodles so that I felt better with it..

            Fried Instant Noodles
            1. mince a frozen chicken breast , thaw it in a microwave.
            3. saute it and add soy sauce, garlic and any seasonings.
            4. in another boiler, bring water to boil , cook the instant noodles for 3 minutes. remove water from the noodles with a sieve. Mix with the frozen chicken
            5. add a few drop of oil. Salt or chili sauce to taste.
            6. sprinkle dried baby shrimp on top.

            And besides canned food, do you feel like frozen meats?
            1. Chicken wings
            1 star anise
            1 slice of cinnamon.
            1 can of coca cola.
            1/2 cup of soy sauce.

            Put everything in a boiler , simmer for 60 minutes. it's legendary coca cola chicken wings.

            1. Super easy - I like House of Tsang peanut sauce on noodles, particularly udon. If you want fancier than that but don't want to cook, strips of cucumber and cilantro. Really fancy and you can add steamed (or cooked with the noodles) snow peas, carrots, broccoli or whatever.