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Sep 30, 2010 04:15 AM

What do people think of the new Santarpio's in Peabody?

Curious what people think of the place. Plan to go there soon.

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    1. Always been a fan of Santarpio's in East Boston. Ordered a pizza to go tonight, having heard about the crowds. The pizza was horrible. Mostly crust, very little cheese and sauce. I will never go back and I went to East Boston many times. I'll stick with Sam and Joe's in Danvers. Similar size pie but Sam and Joe's is much tastier. Never thought I would get a cold and bland pizza at Santarpio's. Very, very disappointed.

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        That definitely wasn't my experience. I wouldn't write them off completely if I were you, but maybe given them a few months to settle in and get some consistency.

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          Agree with your review, our exact experience as well. Lots of crust with no flavor, so disappointing. We were very frequent visitors to East Boston so we had an expectation. Also, delivered pizza not as ordered and waiter didn't even attempt to replace. Just got a response of "I'll let them know in the kitchen" - gee thanks. Oh, and we didn't get charged for the missing topping. Not impressed with the lack of effort on the waiter's part. However, we are happy they are local now and we'll definitely go back but hoping that the kinks will be worked out over a little time.