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Sep 29, 2010 10:32 PM

Le bleu d'Elizabeth

Have any Montreal Chowhounds tried this Quebec bleu cheese Le bleu d'Elizabeth? How special is it?

From the Globe and Mail:


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  1. yes, very interesting - would like to know as well, they just talked about it at L'epicerie yesterday !!

    1. It's a nice bleu and I wouldn't kick it off the plate but is it the best bleu I've ever had? No.

      I am looking for Bleu de la Moutonnière to compare.

      1. Had it 2y ago at HELM. Seem to remember it was a very mild blue cheese. A good introduction for non blue cheese lovers.

        1. Since they won the casseus last year there's been a lot of hype about Le bleu d'.Élizabeth. It is a very splendid blue cheese and will win over folks who tend to dislike bleu's. Don't get me wrong i'm not saying it's because it's mild , it's also well balance but still packs plenty of the, metallic, blue cheese funk for those who want and has this creaminess that other blue's don't have. Is it the best, ust another great choice and fine product.

          Bleu de la moutonnière has been one of my faves for a long time, in fact many of the moutonnière products are A1 ( try the crème extreme or their small container's of Neige- a ricotta like cheese- if you can get your hand on them). This one is more likely to please blue cheese freaks. The ewe's milk really gives it a special taste

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            Finally got around to trying it. Got a small wedge at Hamel's at JTM. Cricklewood's description is spot on: mild and creamy but still plenty of bleu cheese funk (and not too salty either -- enjoyed it on crackers and President's Choice quince fruit paste or with Seville orange-peel marmalade on bread.

          2. I like it too, it's creamy and not too salty (which I find is often a problem with Roquefort and other well-known blue cheeses).