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Sep 29, 2010 10:21 PM

Patisserie Delanghe closing after 25 years on Fillmore - last day Th 9/30/10

From InsideScoopSF: Patisserie Delanghe closing after 25 years on Fillmore - last day Th 9/30/10 - owners are retiring. New owner baking teacher at the California Culinary Academy - it'll be called Fillmore Bake Shop.

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  1. Many years of pleasure. Superb pastry cream, eclairs and profiterole, mille-feuilles, fruited pound cake, choc coated candied orange rind, choc marzipan, the Crouqembouches....

    Thanks for the notice. Jonesing for the last profiterole. If I had only known this afternoon I wouldn't have let my will power win out.

    1. Their raspberry crunch was to die for. Can only hope the new owner will be willing and able to replicate it.

      1. Darn! For years, I kept putting off getting another half-dozen "Nipples of Venus", now it's too late. Worse, it's been so long I can't remember whether they had an almond macaroon at the base, or a butter cookie similar to a shortbread or sablé.

        I just tried looking for a recipe, but the ones I found online were for a nipple-shaped chocolate truffle, not the chocolate-enrobed mound of coffee buttercream on a cookie that I recall. (Or was I dreaming?)

        1. Oh, I'm so disappointed! I had recently been going there more and more often and had become addicted to their butter croissant and Princess cake. To add insult to injury, they closed on my BIRTHDAY and I didn't know until two days later!