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Sep 29, 2010 10:02 PM

Looking for MONSTER size pancakes - any tips?

My pregnant wife is a huge pancake lover and I was hoping someone would know of somewhere that serves monster sized pancakes (like her little hometown in KS) in DFW. We are in Arlington so mid cities would be best but anywhere around DFW would be okay - thanks in advance

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    1. re: head

      Agreed. They have a huge apple pancake that would amply feed 4 normal people. The Dutch Baby is large and would easily split between two. Both are kind of novelty pancakes. I found the Dutch Baby to be rubbery with not much flavor, though a neighbor loves it. Haven't tried the Apple, but it smells wonderful when they bring it out. You can call ahead to get your name on the waiting list. Weekend mornings are pretty busy. I've been very happy with other menu items I've ordered and for those with smaller appetites, they do 1/2 orders on any of their pancake items, maybe other items as well.

      Edit: Also, a little further west on 114, Biscuits does some very large, yet thin and tender, pancakes.

    2. Were in Kansas. May have been there and can direct you to something you are really wanting.

      1. You should really try Ham and Eggs in Lewisville, they have pancakes that don't even fit on a plate.

        1. Yesm & Eggs is Amazing. Huge Pancakes.

          1. Way past the request date but I was by WIngfield's a few weeks back and saw their pancakes being made. Large dinner plate sized pancake, very thick, drenched in butter... Big. Then I realized you get three for an order and started laughing. It looked like a pancake cake, just missing the frosting. I think I'll have to try another food challenge.

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            1. re: amokscience

              But who has the BEST pancakes in Dallas? The Silver Dollar pancakes at Sears in San Francisco are my measure!

              1. re: randyjl

                sorry that I can't help you with a recommendation, but thanks for bringing a smile to my face at the mention of Sears; great place, could only work in San Francisco. When I started hearing about it many years ago, I thought people were going to a Sears & Roebuck for breakfast. Now, if I get near Union Square, I am going to happily overpay for pancakes.