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Sep 29, 2010 08:23 PM

Step right up!! Now tell me, son, do you know the use for this utensil?

I would love to figure this one out! Please help me sleep tonight!

At a thrift store today they had an "unknown use" item on the counter. "Tell us what it is, you can have it. "

Let me describe it a few different ways and maybe it will ring a bell with someone!

1. Pretty sure it had a Todd English emblem, definitely Tod or Todd something, "patent pending"

2. Chrome finish, about the size and shape of a turner/spatula, with a sweeping curve (not flat); is all one piece of metal, has large rectangular-ish hole cut out in the center. The non-handle end slopes down to the cut-out, somewhat reminiscent of a cheese scraper thing, but much bigger hole .

3. Kind of looks like a (very) big bottle opener (though it could not possibly be used for it, due to it's spatula size.

4. Like a spatula with the center cut out.

5. Definitely some sort of kitchen tool.

Any thoughts? Any questions? Thanks for playing!

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  1. Picture might have been better.
    Was it something like this in the picture of this post?
    A cookie dropper?

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    1. re: monku

      I know! I wish I'd thought to take a photo. I'd post one from online, but I have no idea what to google.... i've tried various searches, but nothing yet..

      Thanks for the link to the cookie dropper.
      This doohickey has no hinges or moving parts, Just one continuous piece of metal.

      Re: looking like a large bottle opener- kind of like this, , but larger and more spatula shaped with a big rectangular hole in the center.

      1. re: dost

        It sounds like a tool to open/close a water, steam, or gas valve.

        1. re: Veggo

          Ha! It probably does, but it was clearly an "upscale" kitchen tool.... hmmm

          1. re: dost

            It might be a tool used to remove the interchangeable parts of a high-end food widget like a mixer or meat grinder.