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Sep 29, 2010 07:27 PM

NOLA foodie needs help with 3 dinners in Austin for acl

In town late Friday until early Monday am and need recs for all 3 nights! Looking for can't miss spots that are open kind of late... Good food and drinks a must! Staying in the s congress area so a bikeable distance would be great! Thanks austin!

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  1. You're right near Vespaio, which is excellent (need reservations). South Congress Cafe has a lovely brunch. The food carts at the festival are always very good and unique to the Austin vibe. One of the most honest-to-goodness burgers in town is at Fran's (don't mess with perfection, regular bun). All within walking distance. Haven't tried the new place that opened up in the old El Sol Y Luna place (Snack Bar?) but it's gotten some high praise.

    1610 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

    1. MMMMMMMM......NOLA, one of the BEST restaurant cities in the US (I miss Ugie's.....sigh....)! Anyway and with all due respect to Austin, (is) not a very good restaurant town and since you're a NOLA foodie, might be disappointed. But enjoy the music, grab some BBQ and enjoy the weekend!

      1. Uchi or Uchiko for sure- they're both running ACL specials.
        Paggi House- also doing ACL specials.

        Uchi Restaurant
        801 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

        Paggi House
        200 Lee Barton Drive, Austin, TX 78704

        1. I am a Chalmation by birth and I miss all kinds of good foods back down there.

          I heard someone say that Parasol's was closing? That's crazy!

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            Haha, "chalmation" (I haven't heard that word in ages). I loved Rocky and Carlos macaroni and cheese. It was either good or I was stoned every time I ate there (friends in college from Chalmette).

            1. re: tokyomonamour

              no, it really is THAT good... whether you stoney baloney or not.

          2. Honestly, you'd be good to try some of the vendors in the grounds. There'll be a good cross-section of our eats.


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              Oops. Missed the "dinner" part. As for the time you're in "the cage", my pics for the vendors would be:

              Amy's Ice Cream

              Best Wurst
              Torchy's (the green chile pork)

              I'd avoid all the rest.