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Sep 29, 2010 06:43 PM

freshly made soy milk or tofu?

I live near yonge/Yorkmills.
I am desperately seeking fresh tofu and soy milk.
Any places offering nearby?
Or should I just purchase one of those soy milk makers I've seen my husband's auntie use and make my own?

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  1. Inside the Galleria, Korean Supermarket, Yonge and North of Steeles, there is a tiny soy shop next to the food court, making fresh tofu and soy milk daily. I think it is chinese style.

    1. Fong On Foods on Kensington in the Market makes/sells fresh tofu and soy products. Cheap, too.

      1. Chodang Soon Tofu on Dundas in Etobicoke sells fresh tofu and soy milk.

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          That was the first place that came to mind, but it's not very close to Yorkmills
          If you are willing to travel, it's pretty awesome soymilk - no preservatives so it goes bad faster but I now boxed soymilk is unsatisfying in comparison!

          +1 Galleria - sounds like the most convenient bet

          My mom uses a soy milk maker - it's quite easy (but very noisy). Maybe try Galleria, ask to taste your husband's auntie's milk, then decide if it's worth the investment? And if you are in Etobicoke, pick up a bottle of fresh soy milk from Chodang (keep in mind that they make it very fresh & daily - so it may run out!). I've discovered this summer that every source has a difference in taste and texture.


          1. re: ekim256

            Thanks Everyone!!
            I will try Galleria, I agree based on bean and technique, flavour varies a huge amount.
            I have been to Chodang (thanks to an old Chowhound post). Delish.
            I tasted the home made soymilk and it was very nice, a few years back and it seemed a lot of work and cost of machine. I was hoping if anyone had experience with newer generation soy milk makers , it it was not too difficult, I might invest.
            Now if we could only get pure naturally raised fresh milk as conviently in the city, (eggs too for that matter) I would be over the moon :)

            1. re: Idas

              It's not a lot of work for my mom, because we don't strain it or sweeten it. I don't mind the texture at all, and we use it for Korean soups too. The nice thing is that you can tweak it to your exact tastes and you know exactly what goes in it!
              I've been drinking a lot of boxed soy milk lately - please let us know what you end up doing esp if you find a good source!

            2. re: ekim256

              Galleria makes 2 styles: Korean style soy soup and Chinese style soy milk. They usually have a sample booth for the soy soup which is a very thick and creamy concoction. Think lightly whipped cream.

              1. re: ComeUndone

                Galleria Mall is MOVING!! I went to nab my tofu and soymilk and it was abandoned.
                I asked the cashier when the soy folks were coming back and she looked kind of puzzled. Then she handed me a note showing Galleria Mall is moving to two new locations. Thornhill and York Mills and Don Mills this weekend.
                I will have to wait a bit longer for my soy.

                1. re: Idas

                  whoa, really?? i really like their fresh-made tofu and just bought some a week ago. So you mean the entire place is moving to the new locations this weekend? I'll miss their old location, it was pretty convenient for me!

                  1. re: Idas

                    Thanks Idas! I was going to heat there this weekend. Maybe I should wait until next. You saved me from what could have been a huge headache <3

                    1. re: Idas

                      Ooh, York Mills and Don Mills! Thanks for the update!

                2. re: acd123

                  Their tofu and restaurant is amazing. So fresh and very reasonable. Highly recommended!

                3. I went to "Oriental Food Mart" on 1661 Dennison and they had an in-store fresh tofu and soy milk shop. You could see the soy press inside. They have 8 locations and it looks like one @ 2592 Finch Ave. Don't go there on a saturday though, I've heard you'll get crushed by the crowd.

                  1. Just had the freshly made sang tofu from the new Galleria at 865 York Mills. The texture and taste is similar to the chinese style hard tofu. Didn't see any soy milk. The drive is 10 mins from yonge/yorkmills.

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                    1. re: smfan

                      I stumbled upon what I assume to be their grand opening weekend on Saturday. It was crazy!! I spent at least 40 minutes in line waiting to check out. Picked up lots of great items though, including the freshly made tofu (another line up of 20 people minimum, at any given time) which was so hot that it was literally producing steam inside the package and some cheap fresh veggies. They also have a quite substantive organic section, which was appreciated.

                      1. re: LTL

                        Awesome!! Any organics are amazingly appreciated.
                        Smacking my lips for the fresh tofu...I am praying they have fressh soy milk soon
                        I wonder if they carrry "Sauce for Fish" which is a sauce for whole steamed fish with ginger and scallion my auntie-in-law taught me to make at home as I don't often order whole fish with the kids running amok at dinner.