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Sep 29, 2010 06:41 PM

Anyone familiar with Spring Switzerland or Dr. Weil by Spring cookware?

I've seen the Dr. Weil for Spring products at Bloomingdale's and online. I had never heard of Spring, but a Google search told me that they are based in Switzerland. Anyone familiar with the cookware? I'm wondering if the quality is good, and if you can compare it to other brands. For instance, is it as good as All-Clad? (The Spring Switzerland site said they obtained a license from All-Clad to manufacture products with the multi-ply material.) Any feedback would be welcome.


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  1. Hello, I own a small Spring by Weil fry pan. It is still in the box, but it is a nice pan, and I purchased it after comparing with AC,etc. Nice weight, and I remember reading up on Spring and hearing very good things. I'm sorry I can't speak of the performance yet, but the weight and feel are very nice, and seems like an excellent value, and seems comparable to AC.

    Hope that helps!

    1. I own the rice cooker and it works well. I just bought the slow cooker yesterday from Bloomingdales. It was 50% off. I was told by the clerk that either the company was not making the products anymore or Bloomingdales was not going to be carrying it anymore (unclear to me exactly what he was saying). I was told that it was because they were not selling well but supposedly that's because they could not get any brand traction, not necessarily because they were bad products. The slow cooker has mixed reviews on Amazon but so does every other slow cooker. I am taking my chances since the price was so good and I am satisfied with the rice cooker. Anyway, see if you can get a good deal or else find another brand. I also read on Amazon that there is zero customer service from Spring/Dr. Weil but Bloomingdales told me I would have a 2 year warranty through them.