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Sep 26, 2005 04:17 PM

Good dining near Ahmanson Theatre?

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Will be going to see Dead End on Saturday, October 8 - are there any good places around for dinner prior to the show? Any type of food/price range welcome. Thank you!!

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    I was just at the show on Sun and had a wonderful meal at Patina.

    1. If you want to park once and take the free shuttle to the Ahmanson, then I'd suggest Cafe Pinot. If the weather's nice, sit on the patio which is really quite lovely. Lots of downtown spots do the shuttle, but Cafe Pinot is the only one we've liked consistently. We had season tickets to the Ahmanson the last couple of years so we ate at Cafe Pinot a few times. My main complaint is their desserts are really uninteresting.

      If you want to spend more you could do Water Grill, you can get the shuttle from there. Not sure of the current thinking on the food.

      If you don't care about parking twice, then you could eat somewhere in Chinatown. Or go early and eat in Koreatown. Pacific Dining Car also runs a shuttle to the Music Center (their own, I think) but the food is $$$ and not necessarily worth it.

      1. I'd sooner go to Engine Co. No. 28 (which also has a shuttle) than Cafe Pinot, where the flies ruin the meal -- even inside...

        1. I always recommend Promenade Ristorante to any and all inquiries about dinner convenient to the Music Center & Disney Hall (oh, you might want to do some searches on the board for Disney Hall, Dorothy Chandler, Mark Taper, Music Center as well as Ahmanson. They're all adjacent to one another).

          Promenade is Italian. Moderately priced. They're very friendly and accommodating. Pastas are among the best I've ever had. See link below.