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Sep 29, 2010 06:24 PM

Golden Garden 63 Concord Av Belmont MA 02478 617 489-4428

Hi everyone, I just wanted to remind my fellow chowhound enthusiasts about Golden Garden in Belmont. I stop by twice a week and have been slowly making my way down the menu. Today I had the Beef Chow Foon, which was scrumptious, along with my usual starter of hot and sour soup. I'm totally addicted to it. Business has not been as busy as they'd like and I'd like to remind folks to support this wonderful little gem. The family is terrific and very accommodating so I would hate for the business to fail for lack of clientele. Thanks, JoJo

Golden Garden
63 Concord Ave, Belmont, MA 02478

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    1. I'm going tonite...what are the best dishes to order?

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      1. re: hydraaa

        I love their dumplings, chive pie and shredded potatoes.

        1. re: hydraaa

          I love the sour cabbage with bacon, and preserved turnips with pork. Really, everything we've tried has been excellent.

        2. Inspired by this reminder, I went last night. Had the pork, leek, & shrimp dumplings, the leek pie, and the cumin lamb. Ate waaaay too much, but left happy.

          There was only one other sit-down diner when I arrived (just after 7:30); after she left, I was the only one there. They did get several take-out and delivery orders while I was there, but they weren't exactly slammed.

          The women there seemed very nice; I hope they do well.

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          1. re: brandywiner

            Yeah, we got takeout from there around 7 last night, and there was only 1 person there (who must have been the solo diner who left after your arrival). While I was waiting for my order to be ready, someone called in a take out order for pork fried rice, chicken fingers, boneless spareribs and beef teryaki. hey, if it keeps them in business, I'm all for it - but does kind of seem like missing the point.

            I hope this place starts getting some non-chowhound love. Little Q Hot Pot seemed scarily slow to me the few times I went before they got the Globe write-up, but have been busy to slammed every time I've been since.

            1. re: VintageMolly

              Thanks to both of you for going. It's been scarily empty many times that I've gone which is why I wrote the original posting. I know they've been featured here in several posts, but when I see the place empty but for me and one other diner, it worries me. Keep enjoying their delicious offerings. Maybe some of the regular chowhound reviewers who have a large audience elsewhere could review the place for their blogs, articles, etc.? JoJo (P.S. this is personal because I don't want to lose my new favorite Chinese restaurant. Where will I get my fix of hot and sour soup, tripe with spicy sauce, pork and shrimp dumplings, beef chow foon so close to home?)

              1. re: JoJo5

                I just posted about Golden Garden to the Belmont Yahoo group. Perhaps others could write something for their town/city mailinglists. (Anyone here live in Arlington? They have an active list.)

                I'm also thinking of posting a nice comment on Yelp.

                Golden Garden
                63 Concord Ave, Belmont, MA 02478

                1. re: PinchOfSalt

                  i guess that the only person on chow hound who can help is mc slim jb? really chow hound seems to be too small a community to make much difference

                  in any case, i am going tonight.

                  1. re: PinchOfSalt

                    I don't live in Arlington, but I do use their parents' list which is very active and often useful. I'll post something soon on local parenting lists.

                    I can walk to this restaurant and have been doing my part buying frozen dumplings for my kids (who inhale them) and bringing different friends there every few weeks but it does seem pretty slow. I pass it when I take walks in the evening and each time it's looked pretty empty sadly.

                    1. re: little.tiger

                      I'm curious. Which dumplings do your kids like best? I had the pork-lee-shrimp for lunch the other day and they were great, but my kids didn't like that particular variety nearly as much as I did!

                      1. re: katzzz

                        My DS1 is allergic to shrimp, so I get our kids the other varieties: vegetarian, pork and leek, pork and celery. pork and cabbage. My kids are not picky and like them all. The vegetarian ones can be messy if you have toddlers (my DD is 2 and ends up spilling the filling and just eating the skins. Then I have to scoop all the filling onto a spoon for her). The P/S/L ones are strictly for adult siu yeh ;)

                        1. re: little.tiger

                          Thanks, I look forward to trying them all!

                    2. re: PinchOfSalt

                      FYI I was there a few days ago and they were somewhat busier. 4 tables when we arrived, with several takeout orders while we ate. The couple next to us had read about it on the Belmont Yahoo group.

              2. So I wondered how this place is doing lately and whether clientele has increased? I brought some friends there for dinner on saturday night and there was only one other table seated at the restaurant (a table of 2). Another table came in about halfway through our dinner, but that's it on a saturday night. We arrived at 6 since there were 5 kids between us. We enjoyed our meal very much (especially my friend who said he liked the chili chicken as much as Mulan's, and made a note of adding it to his family's takeout list). But my family only eats out once a month and we have gone here for the last 3 months...bringing a different set of friends each time. I don't mind (and everyone who we've brought has enjoyed it a lot), but it's pretty clear my little dumpling monsters and I can't support this place singlehandedly.

                Those of you who work in the area, I encourage you to bring your work buddies here for lunch! Lots of people head to TJs, Cheddar's and WFs, etc, but for just a short haul up the street, this is certainly worth the extra distance.

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                1. re: little.tiger

                  Ya, I here ya. Hope this place manages to stay in biz.

                  1. re: StriperGuy

                    Well I noticed they were on Yelp's homepage for a short time, if they had more reviews it might help get them back on the home page. I wonder if a website and facebook fan page would help?

                    The last time I went it was quiet. Amy gave me Moon Cakes! She is so sweet, the best! I met the daughter too and she's very nice girl. Great family-run place, I enjoy going there.

                    1. re: StriperGuy

                      If I could score Review of the Day on Yelp, that would be huge....I've gotten it before several times, but it's pretty random. My review of GG is pretty well liked already, so if I got a few more votes for "Useful Funny Cool" it might make it to Review of the Day.

                      But my friends on Yelp are definitely intrigued by GG via my review.

                    2. re: little.tiger

                      Tried GG for the first time at lunch on saturday. Really enjoyed the food and enough cannot be said about the friendly service. We got the leek pie, pork/shrimp dumplings, and sauteed cumin lamb in spicy sauce. Just thinking about the lamb is making me salivate. I'm definitely curious about the sichuan section of the menu and if I can convince them to deliver to Teele, I'm going to be a lot fatter.

                      There was a table of 6 and a solo diner when we were seated and a family of four had just come in as we were leaving. There were 2 or three take out orders picked up while we were dining.

                      1. re: joth68

                        i already gave them 5 stars on yelp and plan to go to eat there again this week. So, if all of their other fans can put in a good word; maybe there is some hope. I do feel that they are slightly busier than they were one month ago though perhaps not busy enough to remain open. And that would be a pity.

                      2. re: little.tiger

                        They weren't dead at lunchtime late last week, but not all that lively either. A couple people came in (separately) who seemed to be checking it out, and there was one table with a lot of food. And somebody getting a fairly large takeout order. Certainly more people than the first time I was there. (Enjoyed the lamb "teriyaki" and the cold wood ear mushrooms.)

                        1. re: little.tiger

                          I was there the Saturday before this past one, and it seemed like most of the tables were full.

                        2. Does anybody know the ratio of takeout+delivery business they do to inhouse? For various reasons, I can't eat in restaurants as often as I'd like, so I rely a lot on places that deliver. Since GG delivers, I've had food from them over a dozen times -- have worked through about half the menu, with a standard pattern of a new dish on each order, along with staples such as dumplings, lamb skewers, etc. -- but have yet to eat at the restaurant.