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Sep 29, 2010 05:05 PM

Istanbul Eats - Legit??

I've been reading _Istanbul Eats_ to prepare for an upcoming visit. While it seems like a reliable site I really do not know since this is a first time visit. Thoughts??


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  1. Absolutely reliable! We used the Istanbul Eats blog as well as their new book (which we grabbed in a bookstore on Istikal Caddesi) and honestly, it didn't steer us wrong once in the week we were there.

    Go to Giritli if you can, the meze and the fish there were fantastic.

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      During a three month run up to my Istanbul vacation last winter I spent an hour or so a day printing out reviews off the Istanbul Eats website.

      During two weeks in the City I managed to eat at 37 of their recommendations.

      The restaurants I visited ranged from the sublime [Adem Baba] to the merely good [Lades 2].

      The ultimate accolade though is that it was the quality of the writing that actually inspired me to vacation in Turkey.

      I read one review right when the lads were getting going with the site that was so shot through with clearlight that I knew I had to visit this city.

      Soul food is what powers me and Musa Ergenc puts an incredible amount of soul in his cooking.

      Upon my return visit to Istanbul this will be the first place I visit. It's the ultimate combination of food and hospitality.

      If you want the real nitty gritty on Istanbul, the places where not just the locals eat, but where the locals who are in the know eat, then I can't imagine a more valuable resource than

      I fanned out across the city each day with a bound dossier of my printouts and used them as my guide to Istanbul.

      It was the most incredible journey I've ever taken.