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Sep 29, 2010 04:52 PM

I need a nice restaurant to seat around 50 people for a rehearsal dinner near centreville or gainesville area?

I need a nice restaurant to seat around 50 people for a rehearsal dinner near centreville or gainesville area? I am inviting a lot of out of towners.

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  1. Any special type of food? Price range? Casual or formal?

    1. You might try Columbus Grill in Manassas. It is on route 28 just a few miles from Centreville. The food is Mediterranian/Portugese. It is a large facility-half regular restaurant and half banquet hall. A group that size would easily be accommodated. I haven't attended any functions there, but have had dinner in the restaurant several time and the food, while not spectacular, is pretty good. Their regular and banquet menus are on their website

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        Many of the restaurants in Gainesville are relatively small and might have a hard time hosting that many people along with their regular meal service. Have you considered golf courses. The Gainesville area has several nice courses with clubhouses that accommodate events such as yours. I haven't been, but Virginia Oaks and Heritage Hunt both do this and friends have been say they do a nice job. Stonewall Golf Club has a large room with a beautiful view of the course and has an outdoor patio attached. I have only eaten in the restaurant, not at a function, but the food was always good. Another thought, although in Bristow-a short trek from Gainesville is Bristow Manor Golf Club. I worked there part time for a few years,the last being 2005, so things may have changed. The food was pretty good and the setting gorgeous. It is an old(100 yrs or so)white manor house w/ columns, sweeping staircase,etc. and lovely landscaping. If the weather is nice, they have a large outside patio that can accommodate over 200 people, which can be tented if needed.

        1. I need something that has an Americanized menu. Spending middle $20's plus drinks. Want to keep it casual. We have the wedding the next day at Evergreen Golf Club. Didn't want to do two golf clubs in two days. Has anyone heard of Giuseppe's Ristorante Italiano in Gainesville? Someone just suggested that to us. Has anyone else eaten there?

          2229 Washington Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21230

          1. I don't know how big the private dining room is at Espresso in Manassas. It is a charming restaurant - Portugese - BUT - they also do fabulous wood-grilled food. Chicken, ribs, etc. for not much money. Full bar and the back dining room is very pretty. I think the food is great - even if you don't do Portugese!